Wikbio - Health Education

What is WikBio and why this site has been created?
WikBio health is a website whose aim is to provide the information related to health, natural medicine and alternative therapies for maintaining or restoring health and improving quality of life with biological techniques free of contaminants or undesirable side effects: Health Education.

About the content of the articles of WikBio, it can be said that it is the fruit of research by more than 20 years on natural medicine and biological sciences for health, but whose base is the investigation of dozens or hundreds of people, researchers and scientists who for centuries have made a study of the issue of health and its relationship with humans.

The WikBio information is a right of every citizen information, unfortunately, the general public has been removed, or by the very lack of interest of the people, or because the government , medical organizations, or schools have not had enough interest to disseminate this knowledge by making information on natural medicine and health, a privilege that only a few were right.

WikBio is not a natural medical clinic
Each person is a universe and needs to be treated individually. The only thing WikBio want to do is provide the information, that is based by highly skilled professionals who can provide guidance at a given time or even understand why they sent us some kind of herb, food supplement etc., or what therapy may be useful for certain health problems. The information provided on treatments for diseases gives advice of what has been helpful to many different people over the years, but not necessarily work with everyone. Therefore, the nature of the site is purely informative and may never replace the doctor-patient relationship. For any doubt, consult your medical specialist or healthcare professional.