Aconitum - Homeopathy Remedies


Main indications of Aconitum

Rheumatic Fever: catarrhal, gastric (especially when first introduced), before declaring measles, scarlet fever.
SORE: (especially in its beginning) of the brain (in children).
THE ORGANS OF THE CHEST: lungs, ribs (pleura, heart.)
DIAPHRAGM: and intestines.

General characteristics of Aconitum

Pulse full, dry, frequently preceded by chills, during which the pulse is usually weak and small, general heat and color of the face on, (usually after cold accompanied by lividity).

Dryness and burning skin, thirst, weakness, bruising, and concern throughout the body, insomnia, nausea, vomiting of bilious matter, very little colored urine, dizziness, headache, numbness, pain general feeling of all members .

(In the Company of the preceding symptoms), violent headache with eye irritability, or vomiting and constipation stunning upsets.

Dryness and roughness in the neck, short, shrill cough with hoarseness.

Shortness of breath and frequent heaviness in the chest, heart pounding, dry cough and painful.

Pain in the lower abdomen, especially when pressed, constipation of the bowels, nausea.

General symptoms and characteristics of Aconitum

Great restlessness, anguish and groans, despair over the pain, consequences of shocks and disappointments, sensitivity of the nerves of smell, dizziness caused by the rush of blood to the head or dizziness when wanting to get together with sudden pallor; hemorrhages in different organs with high heat sensation, swelling with throbbing head and neck, insomnia due to a feeling of anxiety, restlessness in bed or restless sleep and dreams to sudden shocks.

Dose of Aconite and how to take:

The nature of most disease states that require Aconite, requires in most cases, frequent feedings and dose of low potency.

In inflammations, fevers, rheumatism, skin diseases, should be dissolved from 3 to 6 drops or 8 globules in a glass of water, and this gives a teaspoon every 3 to 2 hours. If such acute diseases, and after taking Aconite sometimes, the skin appears moist and fever cease, samples will become less frequent.

Tomas as in 6 to 12 hours recommended in very few acute or chronic. In the treatment of children (infants) or young age, simply the use of globules.

During the implementation of Aconitum should be strictly avoided wine, beer, vinegar, coffee and spices. To satisfy the thirst be used in almost all cases, pure water.

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