Advantages and benefits of raw foods

Benefits of raw food

From childhood we have been accustomed to take our food cooked. Breaking the habit of cooking can be difficult for many, but the benefits of raw food is unparalleled.

The first thing we can do is to counteract the effect of food cooked by taking a salad with meals and between meals as well get used to take fresh fruit.

Cooked foods

Ever since man discovered fire he felt the need for cooked food. In fact, many people feel that when someone becomes ill take a warm meal is a good remedy for the disease. In addition, doctors recommend taking a hot meal as a means to maintain health.

Cooked foods are good as we sate, contain few nutrients, are easy to digest and can be made more palatable and therefore more "edible" raw food. However, when cooked food takes the place of raw food in the diet are not doing things right, we're going against nature.

Cooked food can sustain life, but has no ability to regenerate and rebuild healthy living cells.

Proteins, when cooked in excess, can not be exploited fully in the body.

Loss of vitamins and minerals

The loss of vitamins and minerals will be correlated to the amount of heat that we use in cooking food. Take an example:

  • Thiamine (vitamin B1) can lose up to 95%.
  • Riboflavin (vitamin B2) can lose up to 45%.
  • Biotin (Vitamin B8 or H1) can lose up to 70%.
  • Folic acid (vitamin B9) can lose up to 95%.
  • Vitamin C can lose up to 80%.

With this in mind, we understand that a food can lose up to 80% of the vitamins have cooked food.

But beyond that, another problem arises. When you eat hot foods provoke tension in the body that causes increase heart rate, causes elevation of body heat and makes the breath flow. That is, our body metabolism is altered.

Advantages and benefits of raw foods

Understanding the disadvantages of cooked food, then we draw conclusions about raw foods.

Unlike cooked food, they only have life, raw food regenerates the atoms that create our own life energy. That is, are essential to cure disease, or rather to be healthy.

In raw foods are all the vitamins and minerals that allow our body absorb and use the right way.

Raw food cleanse our bodies of accumulated toxemia cooked food. This therapy is essential to any healthy, so that frees us from the internal toxemia poisoning our bodies. Do not forget that illness and aging are closely related to the accumulation of waste of human metabolism.

Raw foods, fruits and vegetables provide fiber, a substance that is now recognized as key in preventing certain diseases, particularly colon, heart disease and obesity.

More and more thoroughly known the benefits of foods containing fiber. Now it has been shown that a diet high in fiber requires more chewing to promote dental health, exercises the internal organs, filled without providing excess calories, etc..

The complexity of the body and its relationship to the feeding

The complexity of the organism is such that escapes most laymen, and is known incompletely by professionals. This lack of understanding causes a tendency to underestimate that each of us is a walking miracle, so sensitive to an unpleasant emotion, but strong enough to survive heavy physical exertion.

Something that can disorient most people is the adaptability that is our body. Although we give a "fuel" wrong, our body "works" for years. Any machine would be destroyed quickly if we do not give the proper fuel, however, our body continues to fight. But if we give the 'right fuel', ie raw, even repair itself, something that no machine can do.

Perhaps you have this ability to adapt no matter what happens, is one of the reasons why we abuse our body both. Most people live by feeding on inferior foods (cooked, processed, contaminated, spraying, etc..), Resting or sleeping too little, smoking and drinking out of control and lead your body to such limits that assume that our body is willing to be treated thereby. But, lest we forget, sooner or later, depending on our constitution and habits of life, we shall reap what we sow. It is a pity that many people do not experience the pleasure of having a healthy body, fully operational, with a sense of comfort that runs throughout our bodies and senses.

Air, water and healthy foods, the key to health

We know that air is the first food of man, and then comes the water. These two foods as being present society are of the highest quality. And the worst is that most of us we can not control.

However, the quality of the food, the third key to health, it is much easier to control. You choose the food that you will buy and store in refrigerator. You decide how to consume it (cooked, raw) and it is you who determines the amount of food consumed. Are you the key to your health.

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