Almonds help to lose weight

Almonds for weight loss

There are many nutritional properties of almonds, but it is that also can be of great help if what you want is slimming.

A few years ago, the researchers found that people who eat a diet rich in almonds actually lost more weight than those with a diet high in carbohydrates but with the same number of calories, which is contrary to the traditional belief that weight loss is related to burning calories only.

The researchers followed 65 adults with overweight and obesity, for 24 weeks, 70% of whom had type 2 diabetes. A group performed a liquid diet that consumed approximately 1,000 calories / day supplemented with almonds (384 calories); and the other group swallowed the same liquid diet, but rather than complement it with almond use a mixture of carbohydrate complexes such as wheat biscuits (baked potatoes) or popcorn. Two diets were equal in calories and proteins, but differed in the fat, and in addition to the liquid diet, could also eat salads with lemon juice or vinegar.

The diet of almonds with 39% of total fat, included 25% of heart healthy monounsaturated fats, while another diet that did not contain almonds had 18% of total fat, 5% of fat were monounsaturated. Participants in the diet of almonds managed an 18% reduction in weight and (BMI) body mass index compared to a reduction of 11% in the diet without almonds.

He also improved the systolic blood pressure and the need for medications for diabetes in comparison with the diet not containing almonds.

In diabetic patients, as a side effect of some medications for diabetes is to increase hunger, to reduce the amount of medication, it helped them to maintain something more slender.

In conclusion, for all customers who want to lose weight, these results are very important. What is the mechanism behind all this in the weight loss, based on almonds, will ask you? Then the researchers speculate that the fat of almonds can not be completely absorbed and can also make you feel more full and longer. So take a few almonds with an Apple mid-morning and forget of the taboo that he can not eat almonds if you want to lose weight.

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