Apis mellifica - Homeopathy Remedies

Apis mellifica - Homeopathy

Main indications of Apis mellifica

  • DIZZINESS: rush of blood, headache (especially at the beginning and course of acute and rashes.
  • Pain of one half of the head, headache.
  • Eye inflammation (especially in scrofulous children)
  • FLASH: eyelids glued against each other, or turned upside down.
  • GRAINS: swollen eyelids, edema pink (in the eyes.)
  • Erysipelas of the face and head (also the chronicle.)
  • RASH and swelling of the lips.
  • ECZEMA face.
  • Vesicles and swelling of the tongue. ROT mouth. Swelling of the neck.
  • Diphtheritis.
  • BELLY: very bulky.
  • Dropsy of the belly.
  • Swelling of the ovaries.
  • Need to urinate often and by force, (morbus Bright.)
  • Itching of the skin.
  • Eczema, skin rashes. ECZEMA (especially with edematous swelling.)
  • Pustules (also because of stinging insects.)
  • SORE phlegmonous.
  • BLADDERS BURN: tumors. Dropsical swelling (dropsy skin, even after rash, edema of the feet, abdominal dropsy.) General signs characteristics.

General characteristics of Apis mellifica

Stunning in the head, dimness of sight, when low to pick something up, dizziness, stronger when sitting than walking, and lying down fuertísimos and close your eyes, rush of blood to the head that looks like burst, the locked room and is unbearable hot, head for the patient appears to be larger than it is, weight in the head, especially on the forehead and temples, which seems relieved when tightening the head in his hands .

Headache above the eyes and around them or on one side; shooting pains in the temples and from there to the front, sudden attacks of headache with light sensitivity and noise, great weakness, nausea, odor the mouth, particularly after stress and irritation.

Involuntary shaking of the eyes or eyelids, violent pains in the eyeball and from there to the forehead, stinging in the eye caused by a foreign body. And fleshy red eyes and eyelids. Eyelids stuck together and swell the conjunctiva full of dark veins, cornea darkened, smoked, reluctance to light, tearing and burning violent small grains with pus on the eyelids, swelling of the eyelids pink, soft, pain, especially in the mornings, soft bluish red swelling of both eyes, the eyelids and fleshy angles as itchy and stinging.

Burning heat, sharp and violent in the face with a light shade of bluish-red swelling of the face, and fiery red, which gradually takes over the entire face and head, accompanied with puffy eyes, loose stitches lines (stripes) red skin and isolated detachments. Small buttons on the lips to swell as well as all the lower jaw; rash on the face with great itching, which also swells and forms scabs.

Dry mouth, palate and throat, the tongue dry, swollen and moves with difficulty, vesicles at the edge of the tongue, saliva abundant rough, dry pain in the neck, swallowing, with continuous removal of thick mucus , color palate inflamed and swollen, making it difficult to swallow, burning from the throat to the stomach.

The belly seems to be full and bloated, weight in the lower abdomen, as if to fall; extreme sensitivity of the abdomen covered with painful breathing: acute pain, swelling, hard and at the site of the ovaries: as if to get off, lack of menstruation soft underbelly persistent cramps watery yellow, dark blackish-green or Sanguine slow, burning and irritation of the anus, frequent urination, burning in-urethra and difficulty urinating shortage cloudy urine, very red or deposit as brick.

Violent itching, stinging like needles in the body that requires rubbing with a cloth, itching limited to sites sometimes limited and small, even at night and preventing sleep, burning large stitches in various parts of the body at once, as stinging insects, skin rash, sometimes the whole body, with swelling: whitish lumps very sharp itching, swelling hard, purple, red, blue, red spots on some sites, whether large or small, very painful red swelling in the muscular parts, which are transformed into abscesses and tumors, inflammation and pain in thick ankles or an entire side of the body, head, abdomen, pockets of aqueous materials.

Rapid decline in the strength, weakness and fatigue after a sudden and heavy-duty, cold, numbness and change the natural color blue of the members; great sensitivity "and excessive tearing pains over the body, especially in the skin; nervous restlessness that does not rest anywhere, and especially at night, excessive irritability of the "nerves and skin.


In most cases rare shots should be administered as three globules for 3, 6, and up to 9 days, and may be advised in chronic cases a single dose for weeks to let it work. The diet, as in Aconitum.

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