Appendix Disease - Appendicitis

Acute Appendicitis

The full name of the appendix is ​​vermiform appendix. The term Vermiform means worm-shaped. The truth is that the appendix exactly matches this description it is long and circular, like a worm or worm.

The appendix is ​​variable length and can reach from 2.5 cm to 10 cm, and its diameter is 1 cm. The appendix is ​​attached to the blind hole and has a lumen that connects the lumen of the intestine. The appendix is ​​formed of muscular tissue and lymphatic tissue, and is coated similar to colon epithelium.

Diseases of appendix

Practically only two diseases that affect the appendix. The first is a malignancy that may affect coating glands appendix, or otherwise the cells of the appendage wall. However, appendage tumors are rare.

Symptoms and Causes of appendicitis

The second condition is appendicitis, well known virtually worldwide. Appendicitis is just an inflammation of the appendix. An appendectomy, ie removal of the appendix, is relatively new, as only until the anesthesia began using mid-nineteenth century, also began to perform this type of surgery.

The main cause of appendicitis is blockage of the lumen of the organ. This blockage can occur at the entry into the lumen of fecal particles fruits or seeds. Another cause is the result of inflammation of lymphatic tissue of the appendage wall due to infection. In fact, it has been observed that many appendicitis attacks occur after a viral infection such as a cold or a sore throat, especially in children.

If the lumen is blocked, the appendix swells as often drain secretions in the large intestine are unable to leave. Usually, this swelling is accompanied by a sharp pain, called appendicular colic.

When at last the outer wall becomes inflamed appendix, other pain appears more sharp and localized. In the case of appendicular colic, pain can be painful, but is diffuse and deaf and is located around the navel, but in this second pain is found and is aggravated by coughing and movement. This pain is felt in the area of ​​the appendix is ​​located, usually in the lower right abdomen.

Sometimes appendicitis is difficult to diagnose. The reason is that the position of the appendix is ​​somewhat variable as it can be at any point of the abdominal cavity.

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