Arnica Homeopathy

Arnica (Arnica Montana)
1 - () Asserts that stubbornly feels very good, but in reality is very ill or severe, has no clear sense of their true state and said that nothing happens, that is fine, that he is not sick and that That is why the doctor has nothing to do there, and sends him back to his house. All this is declared between a somewhat delusional and a little irritated.
2 - () Afraid to be approached, for fear of being touched. They come to such an extent these fears that prefers to be left alone, for a mental reason (not to engage in conversation) and a physical reason (not to be touched, afraid of contact, for their great suffering) (Kent).
3 - () stuporous state (in feverish infectious, typhoid or traumatic origin) that may lead to unconsciousness, especially during fever or stand up from lying down, often with incontinence of faeces and urine, is absent, absorbed , sitting still. If you have a question, out of its torpor and answers well, but immediately reappears stupor after or before the completion reply, or falls asleep when you answer (Kent). Muttering delirium, worse during the chills, delirium tremens. Carphology, pinch the covers.
4 - () It forgets the words and what they will say, as he speaks. Does not remember what he said or what he will say, or misspoke, misplacing the words or using the wrong words. Hence the rejection of the conversation and also to answer: what irritates being grilled.
5 - () Fear of public places of the walls and tall buildings falling platforms (Arg). Restless sleep, wakes up suddenly, with great terror, and clutches at his heart, awakens the fear of dying suddenly, with precordial sensations that make you think you have a disease of the heart, without anything really.
6 - () The child cries or screams before coughing (and whooping-cough), the cries it worse, worse for consolation.
7 - () During the fever there is distress, listlessness, restlessness, sighing.
8 - () Fighter, angry, suspicious, provocative, critical. O gentle, sweet.
9 - Scary. Hypersensitive to noise and pain. Anxiety hypochondriac.
10 - Speak sleeping.
11 - Indifferent, physically and morally depressed, sad, tired, not able to work.
12 - () is the main drug of trauma, contusions and bruises, especially soft tissue, and the feature, in general, be accompanied by extravasations of blood films, usually colored red-blue. Immediate or remote consequences (even years), local or general (see 2 and 3), even minor trauma (can be used to benefit the 1st C. Arnica compresses to the outside, on the site of trauma, when it is located). Sprains, fractures, effort or exaggerated or prolonged fatigue, physical or mental, which act effectively as an injury and have the same meaning; disorders straining muscles or tendons, or lifting weights, heavy things. Pviialgias by overexertion. Sensation throughout the body being beaten: this sore, as hurt, bruised, tender, and covered with bruises, can not tolerate pain. The prescription of Arnica usually accelerate the reabsorption of the hematoma and prevent suppuration or other septic conditions. Trauma may also be considered, but mentally, the effects of "sorrow, remorse or a sudden financial loss" (Boericke). Particularly painful to the parties that support it.
13 - () Anything on this bed, or bed, feels or seems too hard, for it is softer, constantly complains about it and kept moving from one place to another looking for a soft place. He also complains sleeping.
14 - () or bleeding in the tissues of the skin or through the holes, bruises, ecchymosis. Venous stasis, varicose veins. Inflammation of blood vessels. Thrombosis.
15 - () Worse from the slightest contact, wet, cold weather, sleeping in the evening or at night, rest, motion of the parties concerned, by jerks, lying left side, the wine, travel , with the crescent moon. As for the movement in general, lying with head low, cold bath. Want outdoors.
16 - () suddenness of initiation of the disorders and pain.
17 - () general exhaustion.
18 - Apoplexy with red face,
19 - Disorders alcoholic beverages or smoke from charcoal.
Desire and aversion OF ARNICA MONTANA
20 - Desire for whiskey vinegar.
21 - Aversion to milk to meat to the broth.
22 - () Vertigo on closing the eyes, on rising from stooping or lying down, shaking his head whirling objects while walking.
23 - () Effects of head injuries, concussions, skull fractures, traumatic meningitis, apoplexy, when suspected extravasations blood films, to facilitate and hasten their reabsorption. The head (or head and face, or face only) is hot, and nose and the rest of the body cold, especially during the chills and fever. Headache with fever, headache, burning with cold body; headache like a nail into his temples, or as if the skin were retracted, the right and worse from motion, or pressing from the inside out. Headaches caused or aggravated by walking, climbing, thinking, reading and after eating, worse irritability.
24 - () ocular trauma, with pain in his eyes, diplopia, ocular palsies, retinal haemorrhage. Subconjunctival ecchymosis of the eyelids or, worse cough. It accelerates the resorption of retinal hemorrhages. Inflammation of the eye by foreign bodies hot tearing. Iritis. Go
black, obscuring the view. Pupils unresponsive to light; miosis. Strain sore eyes visually prominent or semi.
25 - () Ringing in the ears by a rush of blood to the head. Ears bleed. Hearing loss trauma or typhoid. Pain as if beaten on the ears.
26 - () Epistaxis: by blows, blowing, for efforts; when washing your face, during the cough and typhoid black blood flowing. The nose is cold at the tip, and sore, or swollen, with ecchymosis. Tingling in the nose.
27 - () Hot face with cold hands. Red face when you shivers, with heat during the chills, hot on the lips. One cheek red and swelling lasts. Very red face, sunken. Herpes on the face. Right facial palsy. The cheeks were very red, swollen and mouth breathing is diverted (cerebral hemorrhage). Trismus with mouth closed. Ulcers in corners of the mouth, cracked lips. Pustular eruption on the face, especially periocular. Empyema of the maxillary sinus. Submaxillary glands and neck glands swollen and painful.
28 - () Rotten eggs is a common denominator that sit on the taste (worse tomorrow), in burping with that smell or taste (especially when you get up tomorrow) and the smell of flatus.
29 - () fetid breath, pritrido. Bitter taste, rotten, during fever. Tongue white or brown center. Bloody saliva. Tooth pain after trauma or postoperative cure or leaded decay, or pain in the gums after extraction. Sensation of something hard in the throat when swallowing noise.
30 - () Thirst during chill. Belching bitter or tasteless or taste or smell of rotten eggs (see 28). Vomiting offensive. Hematemesis, vomiting of dark clotted blood. Gastralgias eating, feeling stone. Stomach feels as if it were against the column.
31 - () Soreness in English or pelvis, you must walk bent. Liver pain, worse lying on left side. Stitches under false ribs. Splenitis. Offensive flatus odor of rotten eggs (see 28). Gases that tighten up and down. Involuntary stools, especially sleeping, often with urinary incontinence (in febrile), purulent, bloody. Hard and swollen abdomen, worse on the right. Tuberculosis, diarrhea, worse lying on left side. Dysentery with oliguria and ineffectual urging to move the belly, long range (4 to 6 hours) between the stools. Must lie down after every deposition. Constipation: straight packed, leaving no stool, stool and strap for retroversion of uterus or prostate hypertrophy. Hemorrhoids hemorrhoids alternating with rectal prolapse.
32 - () with weak stream urination, you have to force quit and wait until the urine or, conversely, to rush to feel the urge to urinate because if not, urine leak urine when running. Painful urination. Urine dribbles involuntarily worse after delivery. Enuresis urine was sleeping. Postrauntaticas or postoperative bladder affections. Spasm of the bladder neck, urine retention efforts or dysentery. Renal colic with agonizing pain in back and hips as if passing a stone. Traumatic hematuria. Urine of high density, thick, pus, dark brick-red sediment.
33 - () Phimosis by friction, sore, swollen parts. Penis and testicles were swollen and red-purple, disorder. Orchitis contusion. Hydrocele. Increased sexual desire, worse from the slightest excitement, impotence excesses.
34 - () Metrorrhagia postcoital or intermenstrual. Menses early, abundant, bright red, clotted, with hot head and cold extremiclades. Threatened abortion by blow or fall. Fetal movements are very painful and wake up at night, seems to be traversed. Vomiting of pregnancy. Ovaries and uterus too sore to walk, you must do so bent. Entuertos violent suck worse when the baby (Sil.). Asphyxia of the newborn (Ant.T., Camp.). Varicose veins of vulva and vagina with soreness. Genital area very sore after the game; prevent postpartum hemorrhage and puerperal complications. At menopause pain, extreme weakness, hot head, cold body and bruising to the child, contact.
35 - () Violent cough with facial herpes. Cough with epistaxis. Cough: yawn, for anger by yelling or mourn too much, or screams and cries before coughing. Pertussis: the child cries before and after the attack. Cardiac origin cough, worse at night, sleeping or exercising. Bloody expectoration, hemoptysis by coups or violent muscular effort or breathing. Hoarseness from talking too much.
N36 - () The chest is sore from coughing, to seize or hold it with both hands to push or touch hurts; pleurodynia (Ran.B.), pain in chest and nipples. All joints and bones of the chest, ribs, painful, worse when moving, breathing or coughing. Pleurisy traumatic pneumothorax. Angina pectoris with severe pain in his left elbow. Fatty degeneration or hypertrophy of the heart. Exhaustion heart or cardiac hypertrophy passing by violent or unusual effort (Caust. Rhus.T.) with palpitations to move. Edema of cardiac origin with dyspnea very upset. Erysipelatous trauma or mastitis.
37 - () Back sore for the dogs. Low back pain as if dislocated. Weak neck muscles: the head falls backward.
38 - () Gout and rheumatism, in great fear of being hit or beaten by people who are nearby. Dolores before chill. Pain in the limbs when they touch the bed, or during fever in members on this bed. Joint pain and dislocated or beaten. Pain of sticks in the fingers. Cold in the hands or the tips of the fingers, face or head with hot, cold forearm in children. Tired or sore feet from walking much. Weakness in tendons and joints, especially following a blow or strain; in the hands on grasping.
Left hemiplegia. Varicose veins, varicose ulcers. Veins swollen hands. Tetanus.
39 - the same dream repeats itself with death, mutilated bodies, of indecision. Sleepless and restless when he is very tired.
40 - () Malaria pernicious, with violent congestion of the head, body cold, thirst, chills especially felt in the epigastric hollow and bruised body sensation. Uncovering violent chills, waking or the slightest movement of the covers, with heat in the head, which supports, at 4 am
41 - () Fever traumatic. Petechial fever with foul breath, says that nothing happens. Septic fevers, septicemia, tify ways. Prevents suppuration. Intense heat or fever, head and face or upper body with the lower half cold. Offensive or night sweats and acid.
42 - () spots painful skin blue, or blue-black or yellow; ecchymoses by the slightest contact or spontaneous. Tendency to boils grouped small, very painful, one after another. Rash painful, symmetrical, symmetrical acne. Ulcers sensitive tingling. Sore. Erythema nodosum. Bees or wasps, or splinters or thorns.
Aconitum - Hypericum - Rhus Tox. - Ip.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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