Arnica - Homeopathy Remedy

Homeopathy Arnica

Main indications of Arnica

  • As a result of falls, blows or pricks with bruising and swelling, muscle and joint rheumatism, stoppages of members and after great physical exertion.
  • Bleeding in the nose, spitting blood, vomiting blood, bleeding from the womb, anus, heavy menstruation and in general all kinds of atonic bleeding.
  • Chilblains and other damage from cold, boils (especially small that only very slowly and with difficulty come to suppuration), small abscesses, gout, gouty swellings in the joints swollen veins (forming lumps.)
  • Brain shock: the consequences of falls, cerebral congestion in children, early brain swelling; prodromes of aplopegía cerebral aplopegía true
  • Pushing (especially typhoid) fever nervous, mucous and putrid, and typhus.
  • Inflammation of lungs and the skin over the ribs (or causes mechanical injury); throbbing heart.
  • After pains, bleeding in the matrix during and after delivery, after a difficult delivery, and to prevent puerperal fever.

Key features of Arnica

Pains in the limbs and muscles, as when one is as bruised, tingly, red and swelling of the soft parts with violent pain to the touch, or with inability to move the respective member dark red, blue or yellow of the skin, pain in the back and spine as ground or beaten, pain in joints, muscles, and are increasing when squeezed or when they move, weakness and tightness in the limbs.

Congestion and tendency of blood to the head with burning in the upper body, and freshness in the bottom, with face and burning eyes and dizziness, bleeding from the nose, gums, matrix, exputos blood vomiting blood, bloody stools and urine, blood shot eyes and dark circles bruised.

Reddish swelling in the feet and hands tingling and tightness, swelling burning, hard, red and shiny in the toes and adjacent parts; inflammation of the joint of the foot to move with pain, cramps in the same joints and heels tingling and pain (of starvation) in the hands and feet swollen veins.

Stunning head, dizziness volteantes when lifting or moving the head and walk, painful headaches that seem res press, press and let nonsense, especially in the face with burning in the brain, worse from any movement, feeling as if the brain had a liquid when moving the head, weakness and heaviness in it, with difficulty lifting of rush of blood to the head, with excessive cover her entire body while still fresh, desire to sleep, only a sort of stupor, eyes burning, noise in the ear and deafness or hardness.

Exemption excremental in small quantities, with pus and blood, after frequent necessity, involuntary defecation of undigested food, watery and foul, frequent need to defecate without success, great drowsiness with anxiety dreams hard to remember on waking the patient.

Striped skin or drawn especially marble horn parts on which it is cast, ease of cracking the skin at points where it touches the bed, small pulse, cold sweat, sticky, bloated underbelly and painless.

Shootings in the chest with difficult breathing and cough, and that increases with any movement, loose stitches between the ribs when you move your arms and want to make a deep and prolonged breathing, coughing almost always dry, tingling in the larynx, coughing blood with the sound of fluid in the chest constriction of the chest. Stitches in the head and chest when coughing, pain in the muscles between the ribs.

Persistent and unbearable pain due to pressure of the sexual parts in artificial deliveries, delayed and difficult, pain and tightness of paralysis from the spine, along the inside of the thighs to the toes, with concern nerve in the legs, excessive blood flow after birth due to insufficient contraction of the womb superabundant menstruation especially after physical exertion,


In all cases caused by mechanical causes should be applied outside the Arnica and directly over the sufferer. To this end, dissolve 8 to 12 drops of concentrated tincture in a cup of water and this solution was applied with wet cloths, without interruption if the evil is great, and only every 2, 4 to 6 hours when the damage is less.

Damage caused by cold or dislocations, bear a much stronger solution. First, however, must look well if the skin has been on the question without injury. If not, and if there instead of cutting wounds or injury or tear in the skin and even internal parts, kept well to use the Arnica as di-not in very dilute solutions (as 2 to 6 drops for a cup of water, since the use of Arnica easily without this precaution causes pain, irritation, inflammation and suppuration way malignant erysipelas. Internally administered doses of 1 to 2 drops in a tablespoon of water (for coffee) each 3 to 6 hours as the violence of the event in question.

In many cases you can apply to both outside and inside the Arnica (especially in the brain shocks materials, dislocations and contusions very strong and severe). In the treatment of small children will be administered in the form of Arnica globules inwardly as the most convenient.

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