Arsenicum album - Homeopathy Remedies

Arsenicum album - Homeopathy

Main indications of Arsenicum album

  • Skin diseases (chronic) psoriasis, scabs on the head, blooms, epidermal cancer, tumors in the feet, malignant boils, gangrene, cancer.
  • Chronic gastric catarrh (tumor and hardening of the stomach).
  • Chronic colic (lientería, pushing dysentery, intestinal tumors, pus in the rectum, cholera).
  • Asthma (as a result of conditions in the lungs to the heart, as well as hysterical and convulsive).
  • Dropsical affections.
  • Intermittent fevers (especially persistent rebels, and as a result of malarial miasma, damp rooms).
  • Quinine poisoning, health complaints typical
  • Nervous fever and typhus.

Key features of Arsenicum album

Dry, shriveled, or cold bluish bloom mangy and erysipelas with violent itching and burning great, especially in bed and in the heat round scaly patches resembling bran; herpes with lumps and pus, which gnaw deeply around and hurt like fire, exuding tumors with raised edges and dark crusts, with watery gangrenous tumors, unnaturally colored nails.

Requiring frequent nausea lie, persistent vomiting and painful of all that is eaten, especially when taking liquids, vomiting water and mucus, or of blackish and bloody great pain and distress in the stomach area, weight in the stomach after eating, burning in it.

Violent pains in stomach with a feeling of great anxiety, lower abdomen hard and tense, violent stinging and burning around the belly; need for defecation with cramping and irritation of the anus, mucous stools, watery, green, dark, smelly and putrid or undigested, with great thirst and subsequent weakness, bowel movements burning with violent pain, burning pain in the rectum and the anal sphincter.

Urine scanty, dark, cloudy and warm. Periodic dry cough, especially in the afternoon and after drinking, feeling suddenly as narrow chest, with great weakness when moving: anxiety and constriction of the chest to cold air or climbing; attack in the afternoon like airless, especially , after lying down, chest cold evening, or even heat and burning in the heart pounding with great anxiety, especially at night, irregular heartbeat, pulse precipitate, small, barely noticeable, irregular and intermittent . Soft swelling, no pain, that goes up to the belly.

Periodic fever hits with imperfect development of cold and heat, restlessness and violent thirst in the heat, as well, when not accompanied by heat, unusual weakness, tendency to diarrhea, poor appetite and pale and sickly, and at night , general burning all the veins, without thirst or sweat, sweat falling asleep or after high fever. Morbid condition usually after flashing continued.

Chronic fever, cold clammy sweat, insomnia with restlessness and delirium preceded by a great apathy, grinding of teeth and finger cramps, alternating great drowsiness accompanied by great anxiety and anguish mortals pale face, sunken, tongue and lips dry and blackish, hard of hearing, watery and foul cramps that are discharged involuntarily urine laxity, skin ulcer as a result of being in bed tendency of the body (top) to slide down to bed, unusual weakness.

General symptoms and especially characteristic of Arsenic

Rapid decline of all forces, until complete annihilation, accompanied by discouragement, anxiety and fear of death: pale face and sunken, violent thirst, the patient drinks often but little, with shivering and subsequent vomiting, tendency to slack-bellied , chest depressed, anxiety, fits of suffocation, heart palpitations, especially at night, feeling unbearable heat inside the veins in all the pains are almost always hot (not sharp, etc..), and increase with each change of stance, the heat outside and walking.

Periodic repetition of many ailments with fixed intervals.

Dosage and taking Arsenicum album

When the conditions are sharp and threatening danger, given every 3 to 4 hours or 3 globules drop in a teaspoon of water (for coffee), in chronic ailments globules drop every 2 or 3 or 4 days.

For young children almost always suffice globules.

DIET: Can it be that the effects of arsenic are not altered or suspended, or only very rarely, unusual food and drink, provided that the application of medicine can be made in appropriate cases (apart from truly medicinal materials) , but the nature of the diseases that require Arsenic alone also require the utmost caution and care in choosing foods.

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