Belladonna - Homeopathic Remedy

Belladonna in homeopathy

Main indications of Belladonna

  • Headaches (coming from the rush of blood to the head). Headache, dizziness, serial precursors of stroke, brain inflammation and brain membranes (especially as a result of erysipelas of the head or scarlet fever), acute cerebral dropsy, insulation of the head, delirium tremens, mania and hallucinations.
  • Inflammation of the eyes (especially the effect of scrofula and catarrh with great aversion to light and excessive color on and great vessel development of the cellular tissue), inflammations of the inner parts of the pupil with tensions.
  • Strabismus. Amblyopia. Amaurosis.
  • Erysipelas on the face and head, parotitis, sore face.
  • Earache, toothache, (with early swelling and ulceration of the gums). Teething pain in children. Flow of saliva (drooling); putrefaction of the mouth.
  • Swelling of the neck
  • Dysphagia
  • Hydrophobia
  • Gastric catarrh, inflammation of the gastric mucosa
  • Bloating, gallstones and colic, painful hernias in the groin.
  • Nephritic colic, painful expulsion of kidney stones, urinary retention.
  • Menstrual cramps (immediately before the period), excessive menstruation, monthly or weekly, swelling and hardening of the matrix, abortion and labor pains too early.
  • Colds inflammatory upper respiratory tract, asthma, whooping cough, pertussis, influenza.
  • Drop back
  • Rheumatic
  • Phlebitis, white swelling of the thigh. Erysipelas. Scarlet fever, acute skin rashes that are slow to act and disappear before time.
  • Inflammatory nervous fever, typhus cerebral sudden interruption of the secretion of milk in breastfeeding women, postpartum fever, mental illness, mania with ecstasy, raving madness.

Key features of Belladonna

Rush of blood to the head, excessive heat inside and outside of it, feeling as if it was higher than that is by hammering from the veins of the head, dizziness, staggering as if drunk, especially when getting or to be right, headache, mainly in the front, and want to walk fast or climb stairs, feeling as if there is water in the head, the headache is increased by moving the eyes, the shaking, when lowered, for reading: stunning with loss of sensory aversion to light, squinting and double vision look of objects, the patient is burrowing his head into the pillows.

pain in the cavity of the eye pressure through the eyes into the head, burning heat and great eyes, great light sensitivity, burning and swollen eyes, inflammation of all parts of the organ of sight , cloudy eyes, expressionless, dull bright, lit, sparkling, eyes wild, restless or no expression, eyes convulsive or revolving in their orbits, to the touch or hurts the light dilated or contracted, strabismus, double vision , night blindness, flashing eyes, colored arc of light around, aversion to light and heavy tearing.

Face flushed with excessive burning, swollen face, red and blue or pale, convulsive expression, anxious, livid, convulsive movements of the face and mouth, swelling of the face red, violent pain, sharp and edgy on one side of the face : dry lips and dark red, mouth half open or closed convulsively; seizure of the jaws, painful swellings of the glands of the ear and neck pain that increases when touched wheels, moving and during chewing, grinding of teeth, red swollen the cheek, dry mouth without thirst, red tongue and gums, excised, swollen and painful, foaming at the mouth.

Neck pain as if swollen, or as if he were a ball in the throat: swallowing difficult, impossible and painful, making it necessary to expel fluid from their nostrils; continuing trend to hip, stabbing and pressure in a gland or in the glottis: very dry and sore throat.

Discoloration or swelling of the larynx, glands, pain in the larynx during swallowing; indescribable thirst with aversion to drinks, or continuous desire to drink with the throat closed convulsively.

Pressure in stomach after eating, feeling of dilatation and pain in the stomach when pressed, nausea and disgust with disgust for food, wasted effort to vomit, or vomiting of mucus, water, acidity and plenty of bile, painful enlargement of the abdomen ; violent stomach pain below the navel, as if desgarrase with nails, pain aggravated by pressure: abdominal cover painful: exit gas colic prominent colon, which is relieved by bending forward or squeezing out; constipation belly, involuntary defecation, urine retention with painful desire to urinate, urine scanty, cloudy, dark or red; involuntarily urinate while standing.

Violent pressure to the sexual organs, as if would tend to go out, violent pains in the abdomen before menstruation, blood flows bright red, or blood clots out smelly, accompanied by a DC voltage down and sexual parts, with sore clitoris and labia, fall and hardening of the matrix; convulsive travail, false or excessive.

Throat sore throat with constipation and as if something takes hold chest shortness of breath, irregular, hasty and distressing danger of drowning in swallowing, chest tightness between the shoulder blades; rush of blood to the chest with a pounding heart of heart almost always dry cough and night: coughing spells that move throughout the body, with stitches in his head dry cough, seizure, nausea and tingling in the chest, or tearing prior to access and sneezing after.

Lumbar joint pain, and with access, and stinging, and burning and falls to the knee or to the beads and is increased by walking, touch and night, heaviness and paralysis of the arms and legs, pain, tensions or twitching in the limbs, redness, swelling and pain in one or another joint, swelling of the tiger paste and upper thigh.

The color of the skin is on, shiny, smooth and equal, and in selected sites, and extending over the whole body, accompanied by dryness, burning, warmth and swelling pasty, scarlet rash over the body, beating the arteries, pulse-you throw, quick and hard, burning General external and internal, persistent, associated with the greatest concern; longing vain to sleep or sleep groggy, sleep terrors, night delirium alternating with numbness, weakness, unaware of itself, anger, furious delirium convulsive movement of his hands as if to catch things in the air or screaming, biting, hitting or tearing things are at your fingertips

General symptoms and especially characteristic of Belladonna

Abundant in blood formation which inclines towards the head congestion, rush of blood to the parts suffer with a feeling of excessive fullness as if burst, red skin with enlarged veins, burning large thirst, headache in the forehead , weakness, dilated pupils, difficult swallowing, anxiety and restlessness.

Dosage and taking belladonna

As in the Aconitum

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