Benefits of Garlic

Functions of garlic

For generations, people not only have used garlic for its medicinal value, but traditionally, people rub the body with him, are buried with garlic, take him around the neck as amulets and much more.

Benefits of Garlic

There are so many benefits that no other plant garlic has shown many properties to cure diseases like it. Garlic has been regarded as a wonder drug.

Garlic has been used medicinally for many years for treating bites, tumors, ulcers, snake bites, wounds, headaches, heart disease, cancer, pimples, measles and many more.

It also prevents infections like the common cold or cough, due to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.

Similarly it is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away from the house, as the same is said of garlic.

Properties of garlic

Generally has an antioxidant activity, which is good for your skin.

It also contains flavonoids, which is good for the heart and body in general.

Garlic contains a series of compounds among which is included allicin. Allicin is a pungent oily liquid that gives crushed garlic its characteristic odor, and has been shown to be an antibacterial agent because of its active sulfur.

Home remedies with garlic

Since garlic is great, we will mention some home remedies based on garlic that can help improve some disease states.

Garlic and flu

If you have flu or cold drink a small amount of garlic every day until the infection clears. Garlic tends to reduce the frequency of colds and flu, without side effects. A suggested dose would be two to three cloves of raw garlic a day.

The garlic and acne

Many of us are faced with acne, blemishes, blackheads during our teens. If you want to reduce, or if you just want your skin is healthy take two cloves of raw garlic regularly with warm water early morning. It works as a blood cleanser and clean your internal system. Of course, eating chocolate, spicy or oily food during treatment and clean your face five times a day with cold water. Drink water daily to cleanse the blood of toxic waste and urinate whenever you feel the need.

Garlic and cholesterol

If you have a high cholesterol level the use of garlic in food can help. This is the best way for patients who want to reduce your cholesterol level. Modern medical science suggests that one reason why the garlic might reduce cholesterol is POLR gallic acid content, an antioxidant. This property can help prevent LDL cholesterol from being oxidized. Thus the accumulation of cholesterol that clogs the arteries could perhaps be reduced by garlic.

Garlic for weight loss

If you want to lose weight squeeze the juice of half a lemon in a glass of warm water and drink it with two cloves of raw garlic regularly twice a day (morning and evening) for about three months. Of course, avoid using foods rich in starch and fat. Exercise regularly, but notice that your body will thank you.

Garlic and wrinkles

If you have wrinkles, and want to use an anti aging cream, it would be better to use 3 cloves garlic regularly as it has a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the body against damaging free radicals. Remember, the skin consists of collagen and loses elasticity as the years pass. Therefore, the use of garlic and regular exercise are very good results.

Garlic and ears

If you have an earache, put two or three drops of warm garlic oil in the ears can be the solution.

Garlic and Pregnancy

Taking garlic increases the weight of babies in the womb. Therefore, at birth, are heavier than without making garlic. Some babies are born too small, so that garlic is a definite advantage in these cases.

Garlic and cancer

Use two raw garlic daily to reduce the risk of cancer due to its anti-cancer properties. Helps prevent the formation of carcinogens and tumor development. Also inhibits the growth of tumors.

Garlic and insect bites

If any animal or insect bites to the sea, take a clove of garlic, crush it and apply it to the affected area to reduce pain and eliminate the poison.

More properties of garlic:

  • Garlic helps to increase our metabolism rate. So help us reduce our weight easily.
  • Garlic helps reduce atherosclerotic buildup (plaque) in the arterial system.
  • Garlic lowers or helps regulate blood sugar.
  • Garlic helps prevent blood clots, thus reducing the chance of stroke.
  • Garlic helps to prevent cancer, especially of the digestive system, prevents against the growth of certain tumors and may help in reducing the size of some tumors.
  • Garlic helps to remove heavy metals like lead and mercury from the body.
  • Raw garlic is a natural antibiotic and, while far less strong than modern antibiotics, can still kill some strains of bacteria have become immune or resistant to modern antibiotics.
  • Garlic dramatically reduces yeast infections in different parts of the body.
  • It helps our immune system is stronger against cancer, ulcers, hemorrhoids, etc..

Taking garlic

Crush two or three cloves of raw garlic small and they are eaten raw or cooked (best raw), before going to sleep. You can take them with a glass of soy milk or oatmeal or plain water. It is best not to take more than two or three cloves of raw garlic a day, and having a blood thinner can and can lead to other disorders.

Contraindications and precautions when using garlic

  • Do not consume more than three or four cloves of raw garlic a day.
  • Patients who have heart problems or other circulatory problems should consult a physician before consuming it.
  • It is best to avoid garlic before any surgery, and could probably alter the function of anticoagulants.
  • If you are taking any medication, always consult your doctor before taking garlic oil.
  • Asthma patients should be careful because it can worsen asthma symptoms.
  • If you have sensitive skin do not recommend direct application to the affected area.
  • Raw garlic can burn delicate skin. Do not use directly on your skin if you are sensitive or susceptible to infections or reactions without consulting your doctor.
  • People who are or may be allergic to garlic or any of its sulfur compounds should not be applied directly on the skin garlic.

Side effects of garlic

Although garlic is a natural product like antibiotics, a very small number of people have developed hypersensitivity to garlic. Garlic allergy include skin rash, fever and headache.

Garlic intolerance could lead to heartburn or flatulence.

Points to note about garlic

It is important to remember that the effect of garlic on cold and flu comes from Allicin and this substance is destroyed when garlic is cooked.

The garlic cloves cooked whole have very little medicinal properties.

The stronger the smell of sulfur in garlic has more properties.

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