Benefits of fasting for health

Benefits of fasting for the body

During this practical guide explained how fast is the fast and the most appropriate procedure for the practice of fasting. Now we will focus on detailing the benefits of fasting by the method of stages.

Since it is impossible to reel off all the benefits of fasting to the body organ or system level we will summarize organic synthesis and as the duration of fasting.

Benefits of fasting

First stage of fasting: autolysis

Autolysis could be defined as the process of intracellular autodigestion. Is a phenomenon of internal digestion of the tissues but outside the gastrointestinal tract by enzymes made from the cells.

During fasting, especially in its first stage, your body exerts selective control over the process of autolysis of the various tissues used. Fats and morbid growths will be the first to be transformed and reused later. So the first effect is the loss of body fat.

Since our body has large amount of reserves during the first stage of fasting these reserves will be processed for reuse in the most convenient. The glycogen and carbohydrates are converted into simple sugars to the cells. Muscle reserves, rich in protein will be converted into amino acids.

The minerals and vitamins not only suffer transformation, but may be removed from certain sites to be reused in other parts of the body where they may be most needed.

Remember that this process of self-harm is common in the body without fasting. During fasting, simply increases dramatically.

Another benefit during these early stages of fasting is the elimination of abnormal tissue. These are produced by the load of toxins that build up the body, but having a lower vitality than healthy tissues are easily destroyed by the process of autolysis. Some of these tissues can disappear are: tumor growths, goiters, growths, deposits (cysts, polyps, cholesterol, acid, uric, etc.., Etc.,).

This process of self-harm may not come to consume other stocks such as warts, or certain tumors with a simple fasting. In certain cases will require more fasts to complete the removal of such morbid deposits. Remember that this process of removing abnormal deposits during fasting are always the first to be eliminated because of low vitality. The agency will always retain and protect vital organs.

Cellular detoxification

Naturally, cellular metabolism generates a number of toxins that are expelled from the cell into the lymph and blood. They are then filtered by the liver and kidneys mainly for elimination from the body.

However, as prolonged fasting this process is intensified, so that accumulation organic toxínica has been occurring over the years to improve starts releasing the entire body of this toxicity. Again the weight loss is a clear indication of acceleration in the elimination of toxins.

So while losing weight and blood lymph evacuate the toxins celuares and purified. So one of the main benefits of fasting is to purify the blood and lymph. Fasting is the best technique to purify the blood and, therefore, all body tissues.

The organic cleaning
If fasting is prolonged, the task of debugging organic deepens. It will not just call extracellular matrix which will be cleaned, cleaning will now start in the excretory organs (skin, lungs, kidneys and liver). Do not forget that these organs are heavily laden with toxins from years of poor diet or other factors which have caused the toxicity. Are the fatty tissues that decrease in greater proportion in the first place. Then, the muscles will continue to organs such as the liver, pancreas, spleen. However, the brain, heart or nerves will not be practically achieved by this process of elimination because the body will protect especially when vital organs.

As fasting time progresses, the proportion of blood components unchanged. In particular, increase the number of red cells in the blood. This should be taken into account in cases of anemia. Although it seems a paradox, one of the benefits of fasting is to improve the anemia, as fasting, to cleanse the body in general, will be to regain the quality of its functions, including blood production.

With regard to minerals (calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, etc..) There is a reorganization of its distribution throughout the body. It will be noted an increase in the blood thereof for the purpose of being re-used.

Functional adjustments

Once the bodies are debugging as the fast progresses, the next step in the benefit of fasting is the adjustment of the function. That is, an organ function in a clean more efficiently. So, the healing of wounds or ulcers, consolidation and development of callus in bone fractures improve and repair in less time.

It is striking, as you have heard on occasion that when a child has a fever, has said at some point, "is that the child is hitting a growth spurt," that is grown. Well, this is a popular saying has its real basis in the development of fasting. During the time a child has a fever, the child does not want to eat, the body prompts fast; during voluntary fast, nutrients and minerals that the body uses recovered and distributed in other organs even producing this phenomenon.

To produce these functional adjustments that the body must fast for at least three weeks. Remember, purified and renewed bodies produce a better overall performance. We see this even in the parts of any machine. Cleaned and oiled the parts of a machine, once together, produce an improvement in the overall function of the machine.

Countless benefits of fasting

So at this point would be difficult to describe all the improvements experienced by the organism. Now the better digestion digestive system will be eventually ulcers, acid reflux, heartburn, dyspepsia, etc.., Etc. Circulatory level, all debris that block us, cholesterol, triglycerides, platelet aggregation, will disappear. At the level of locomotor, improve joint mobility by elimination of uric acid, regeneration of cartilage, etc.. And so on with all appliances and organ systems.

Of course, children and people in better health, the vital energy will be more faster and better results, but with determination and with the practice of fasting regularly, results are achieved for the uninitiated, even doctors, tend be astonishing, as will be shown in clinical cases we'll mention.

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