Benefits of fasting in stages

Graph of a fast phased

We list below the benefits of making a fast stages, as opposed to directly enter a water fast.

Benefits of fasting in stages

1. - The first benefit of this type of fasting is that it creates tension in the body. This is adapted and will make its own decisions in this new situation. An abrupt change can produce a very deep disposal overloading the organs of elimination in a dangerous manner (liver, kidneys, etc..). Thus, to do this in stages do not overload the body and elimination is slow. Understand that during this process may appear crisis stronger than the body itself will decide to produce and try to know.

2. - By the method of steps occurs as a graph of a ladder with regard to weight loss. Loss occurs first, then comes the third stagnation and loss accelerates. According to those who put into practice (hygienist) is kind of fast, it calls into question the validity of total fasting without stages, namely pass heterogeneous regime the water fast.

3. - The third benefit is that this method produces more security steps the person doing it. Recall that happen suddenly of a heterogeneous system to a water fast can produce such changes and crises that people hardly understand; become discouraged and leave half.

4. - Another benefit is that the staging process allows the bowel is cleaned in a more natural. Recall that hygienists are not in favor of enemas for thinking that consumes energy unnecessarily. Here we disagree with them, but this method seems correct stage without need for enemas. But I personally believe that you can also make these enemas during the days when we are in the stage associated regime. Or before a fast, clean the colon previously also certainly diminish the toxicity and the possibility of healing crises are very reactive. But we respect the position and it seems reasonable hygienist.

5. - The normalized intensity of the crisis phase without overloading especially to the kidneys.

6. - The re-feeding the same steps are performed but in reverse to how you came into the fast. This avoids the unpleasant phase of bulimia.

7. - If for any reason must stop fasting until completion, with the method of the stages the body adapts better and does not cause tension.

8. - Crisis healing including unlocking soft body tensions. Sometimes these tensions or release can produce severe pain hard to bear if done without fasting stages.

9. - Unlocking ancient emotional tensions. This is a consequence, sometimes amazing, spectacular, "suffer" (blessed condition) many people doing fasts. This is discussed in our article and we will relate biorrespiración a practical case experienced by the writer, which will illustrate the wonderful benefits of fasting and biorrespiración.

In conclusion, says Désiré Merien in his book: "the fast food through the stages can hear the reactions of the body and provide appropriate responses, it is not possible when the fast is approached suddenly, and there are many signs of rapture.

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