Benefits of soy isoflavones

Supplement of soy isoflavones

Long studies of soy isoflavones have shown the many benefits of these substances soybean plant health.

Benefits of soy isoflavones

A new study published in December in the British Journal of Pharmacology confirmed. It was known that soy isoflavones inhibit mutagenic processes, inhibit angiogenesis, are antioxidants and block excessive estrogenic activity. However, according to this new study with rodents by the group of Spanish researchers led by Dr. Fernando Rodriguez de Fonseca (CIBERobn) has shown that soy isoflavones help reduce weight and eliminate fatty liver.

During the study, 36 rats were given a different diet, rich in carbohydrates and one rich in fat for rats to gain weight. Subsequently, the suminitró daiceína, one of the main types of isoflavones, dudrante 14 days. At the end of the investigation found that the more daiceína was supplied in the diet was less weight gain and lower presence of fat in the liver was found.

According to researchers, this study has not yet be extrapolated to humans, so you have a reservation in its conclusions because different doses and metabolism in humans.

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