Biomagnetism. Benefits of the application of magnets on health

Benefits of the application of magnets on health.


In the case of burns treated with negative magnetic fields, you get complete relief of pain, due to absorption of ions that form polarized positively to the affected area. Chronic pain and human suffering quickly refer to the application of magnetic fields generated by magnets of medium density.

The application of magnet therapy helps regulate high blood pressure, control osteoporosis, decreases neuralgia, control diabetes, asthma corrects and eliminates joint pain. Magnets permanent magnetic field (a magnet remains active for many years) have positive effect on blood circulation, acting in disorders of the lymphatic system and stimulate self-healing capacity of living beings. In addition to acting on matters purely organic, Biomagnetism also stimulates mental activity and has effects on neuronal processes.

• Permanent magnets defy the aging process. The science of magnetism occurs shows that the renewal of cell tissue.
The physiological functions tend to balance the magnetic field when retrieving lost for various reasons attributed to the modern lifestyle.
• From the point of view of the biomagnetic, health is based on the balance of the vibrational frequency of the cells, while the disease is only an abnormal change in cellular vibration.
• The application of magnet therapy is based on the principle of restoring the natural vibration.

The therapeutic effects of magnets is much faster than the application of heat, infrared rays, anti-inflammatory pills, injections and other methods known in pain therapy. The application of heat can not boost the repair capacity of an injured tissue, it needs a supply of oxygenated blood. The recovery of a muscle needs to achieve the necessary blood supply in the affected region.

Why are magnetic?
All diseases and previous states, are caused or accompanied by electromagnetic oscillations, no pathological phenomenon without the presence of pathological or pathogenic variations in or around the body. In each patient's body also acts, together with pathological electromagnetic oscillations (inharmonious) healthy electromagnetic oscillations (harmonic). The oscillations pathological processes disrupt vital nature and state of body balance. This ill if the regulatory process is no longer able to maintain balance.

These oscillations, we can understand now, thanks to the discovery of Dr. Esther del Rio Mexican, that our body exists ferric oxide and ferrous oxide, or magnetite is. Dr. del Rio, in 1986 gave to the world their work on magnetic or electromagnetic body (vital or energy) of the human being is made up of macromolecules of ferrous-iron magnetite, saying, "We formed a of macromolecules that form a network outside of cells. This is a network that has ferrous-iron and electromagnetic power. We estimate that the body has about one hundred million of these particles. " "This is a whole system that indicates a particular geography inside the body where magnetic fields are located. This system shows that there are centers or areas with isolated phenomena of electromagnetism, but there is one organization and function perfectly matched" .

"All cells are in three dimensions, and particles of iron can not have spherical or pyramidal. Their distribution is not uniform and are surrounded by glycoproteins. It is not only important to the shape of the molecules, but even the color they have, because you know, color is vibration and affects the wavelength. Magnetite is a tetrahedron when you are in and when oxidation is reduced cubic form. All magnetites communicate with each other. When a particle is oxidized, the other is reduced, which creates a charge difference and hence a magnetic field is created by the flowing stream. "

Source: Josafat Rangel Ramírez

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