Biomagnetism. Effect of the North Pole of a magnet on life

Effects of magnetic fields polarized in living

Effects of magnetic fields polarized in living

To preserve the health and lives of living beings, requires a state of balance between energy polarity magnetic North and South polarity. When this balance is altered the disease occurs and then the balance can be restored with the use of magnets, causing a reversible process and recovering the health disorders.

The effects of the North Pole energy in living systems are opposite to those produced by the South pole.

When you place the north pole of a magnet on the skin, observed the following phenomena:

* • Reduces the excess energy. The north pole performs a function similar to what we call acupuncture sedation or dispersion.
* • Reduces hyperacidity of any kind. Alkaline reactions arise due to the reduction of hydrogen ions, so that proper treatment can restore the state of balance needed in tissues with excess acid.
* • It reduces the intensity of all pain and nervous system caused by excessive hyperactivity, infectious and inflammatory processes. Pain usually disappear within minutes.
* • Dissolves crystals of different types.
* • Reduced calcium deposits in arthritic joints in the levels of abnormal calcium ions.
* • blood clots are dissolved.
* • some types of tumors disappear.
* • Reduction of inflammation of the tissues.
* • Reduction of overactive organs.
* • Dissolution of fatty materials, including excess cholesterol deposited in the veins and arteries.
* • Destruction of pathogenic microorganisms and increase rate of defense against infections.
* • Reduction of fever.
* • Increased potassium ions.
* • contraction when there is abnormal expansion.
* • Vasoconstriction.
* • Decreased activity of proteins.
* • Drain accumulated fluid.
* • Reduced bleeding in cases of minor wounds and bleeding.
* • Attenuation of symptoms in certain cases.
* • Attraction of red and white blood cells to the area where the magnet is placed, resulting in better oxygenation of tissues and reduce infections

Source: Josafat Rangel Ramírez

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