Biomagnetism. Effects of magnetic energy supplied by the South Pole

Effects of magnetic energy supplied by the South Pole
South Pole energy is used in cases of weak tissues, provided there are no infections or secretions.
• Increased energy level in the body. The effect is equivalent to the tone in acupuncture.
• Increased level of acidity in the systems, organs, tissues and cells, reducing alkalinity states to achieve the right balance.
• Increase the concentration of hydrogen ions.
• Increased development system of living systems.
• Acceleration of metabolic processes.
• Increased pain.
• Increase fluids and especially to circulate through the body, the latter due to dilation of the capillaries.
• Increased production of red blood cells.
• Increased flexibility of organs and tissues.
• tissue irritation in some cases of over-exposure to field effects.
• Opening of plugged ducts, caused by its expansion and increasing their flexibility
• Increased activity of the organs and stimulation of their duties.
• Strengthens heart function and exposure to very long fields can cause tachycardia.
• Strengthening of tissues weak.
• Accelerated growth of normal tissues. In fracture cases, welding is three to five times faster.
• Growth of microorganisms so it must be very careful not to use energy when there are South infections because it stimulates all forms of life, without discriminating whether they are desirable or undesirable.
• Expansion when there are abnormal contractions.
• Vasodilation.
• Increased activity of proteins.
• Increased sodium ions.
• Increase in acute symptoms in some cases.

Source:Josafat Rangel Ramírez

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