Biomagnetism. Healing magnets

Definition of Biomagnetism

Definition of Biomagnetism

The application of biomagnetic Par or biomagnetic therapy, consists in placing natural magnets positive and negative charges on the body in order to level the pH (pH is the potential of Hydrogen or degree of acidity or alkalinity that contains the water from our body ), so that the human body to regain its "homeostasis."

Homeostasis: Definition

Homeostasis (from Greek homeo meaning "similar" and stasis, in Greek στάσις, "position", "stability") is the characteristic of an open or closed system, especially in a living organism, which is regulated by the internal environment to maintain a stable and constant condition. The multiple dynamic equilibrium adjustments and regulatory mechanisms make homeostasis possible. The concept was created by Claude Bernard, often considered the father of physiology, and published in 1865. Traditionally it has been applied in biology, but given the fact that biology is not only able to meet this definition, other sciences and technologies have also adopted this term.

Homeostasis and regulation of the internal environment is one of the fundamental precepts of physiology, since a failure of homeostasis leads to a malfunction of the various bodies
In a healthy tissue is generally neutral pH and has a pH of 7.3, when ascending or descending of the measure moves to the acidity or alkalinity and this medium is conducive to live and grow bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, which when multiplied by the modification of the land, tend to act contrary to human health, and they are within this area responsible for certain diseases and ailments of human beings.

To neutralize the pH unsuitable for human health and restore the "homeostasis" places a positive and a negative magnet, where the body tells you and magnetic energy manages to neutralize the pH;
To dissipate the abnormal acidity of the body, we remove the favorable environment to the organism that grew improperly generating padecimietos, so in most cases this is reduced or dies, and therefore the person treated, you start to feel a marked improvement.

Biomagnetism Benefits

In Biomagnetism, using magnetic fields generated by magnets power from 1000 gauss or more.

The effect achieved is a restoration of balance or homeostasis of the organism.

In conclusion, the magnetism is an effective therapy that balances your body, by applying magnetic fields.

Source: Jorge Tapia.

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