Biomagnetism. Types of BMPs

Types of BMPs

Types of BMPs

* The regular BMPs identified pathogens, whether they be viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites. An example is the pair "pineal - Medulla," which shows a fertile ground and that according to studies by Dr. Goiz, you can generate the Guillain Barre syndrome, but care must be taken that are not necessarily have such a microorganism, serves as a reference only, since from the perspective of virology is necessary to make deeper studies to scientifically diagnose the existence of the same consultant.

* The special BMPs identify tissue changes not tolerated by pathogens. That is, that the damage is not necessarily cellular pathogens with a negative action.

* The BMPs identify dysfunctional glands and internal alterations of hormonal production. This means that the encotrarse these pairs in the client, means that the body concerned has a malfunction, so start by placing the regulatory process of the bioenergetics.

* The reservoir BMPs identify areas with an altered pH in organs or tissues that support virus or bacteria, and potentially indefinitely until it returns to its normal pH. In the case of a couple who is considered as a reservoir, means there is a reservoir of virus, bacteria, etc.. For this reason it is suggested at the next meeting back to do another scan because there was a movement within the body of such pathogens.

The common conditions often result from a single pair biomagnetic,
The sufferings are the result of complex associations of common pairs.

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