Breast pain, breast lumps and secretion

Exploration of the breast

Self-examination is the main way to find breast lumps by women. Although it can be quite distressing for a woman to find a hardness in his chest because suggests breast cancer, does not really have to be.

Not all breast problems indicate this disease, but this does not mean it can not be anything serious. Each time a woman noticed something strange in the chest area should consult with your doctor. It may be nothing or it may be your opportunity to identify a more serious illness that can develop over time and thus get the right treatment. It has been said often that regular self examination of breasts can save many lives.

Lumps in breasts

Lumps in the breasts can occur for many reasons, and in most cases are not cancerous. However, women should undergo some diagnostic tests to be sure of their nature.

In young women the breast lumps are often the result of hormonal changes occur before menstruation or menstrual period. If you suddenly disappear, there is no reason to worry. In women over age 30, a breast lump requires a mammogram and possibly other tests to rule out cancer.

Lumps in the breasts may be of different types:

  • Cysts
  • Adenomas
  • Abscesses.

None of these forms is cancerous. The cysts are the result of hormonal changes and are actually fluid-filled sacs. They are fairly common in young women.

Abscesses usually occur in women who breastfeed and adenomas are usually related to the milk ducts. Occur in women under 30 and are accompanied by nipple discharge.

Nipple discharge

Nipple discharge usually occurs in breastfeeding women. Sometimes present in other women as a result of hypothyroidism or taking certain medications. Women should understand that it is possible that the milk ducts discharge certain substances at some point. In most cases, unless the discharge from mixing with blood, there is no need to worry. Of course, your doctor is right to say if the nipple discharge requires further diagnostic testing or not.

Breast Pain

The sinus problems are also associated with breast pain. This type of pain usually is related to menstruation and usually occurs just before this. While breast pain follows this pattern there is no reason for concern. It becomes a problem if the pain is constant and if you have at different times of the month is unrelated to the period. Still, the cause may be you relate to such factors as improper use of a fastener or by excess of caffeine.

Home remedies with herbs and nutritional supplements can relieve breast problems, such as lumps, pain or nipple discharge, but these home remedies or natural treatments should not replace the diagnostic tests necessary to prevent greater evils.

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