Bryonia - Homeopathy Remedies

Bryonia - Homeopathy

Main indications of Bryonia

  • Headaches (especially as a result of emotional disorders or colds).
  • Inflammation of the brain membrane especially because of the suppression of skin diseases or during the course of lung inflammation.
  • Cerebral dropsy (Early Stage)
  • Heartburn
  • Chronic gastric catarrh and dyspepsia.
  • Liver
  • Jaundice
  • Abdominal plethora
  • Constipation belly
  • Swollen belly
  • Colic with liver ailments (especially in summer and after colds).
  • Flatulence colic, bilious.
  • Colds inflammatory airways
  • Bronchitis
  • Flu
  • Inflammation of the intercostal muscles.
  • Pulmonary inflammation
  • Asthmatic conditions with early hydrops.
  • Hardened breasts, sore, with milk fever.
  • Rheumatic pains
  • Articular and muscular rheumatism, rheumatic fever
  • Gastric bilious fevers
  • Nervous fever and mucosal
  • Typhus (typhoid fever and campaign)

Key features of Bryonia

Heaviness in the head spinning dizziness, especially when getting up and out of bed and a chair, or just to get off.

Fullness and heaviness of the head with dull pressure to the forehead as if to get off, all I want out of your head, ahead, headaches as if in a vise, or pounding, or as if to explode, rising these pains by motion, to download, with pressure to open the eyes and nose bleeding, or nausea, moodiness, and yellowing of the face.

Disgust and disgust of food, taste or taste bland, bitter taste in the mouth, bitter taste of all foods, especially violent thirst after eating, what has been eaten back up to the mouth with bitter or sour taste, nausea after eating foods that they knew well, hopes to vomit without result or water, vomiting of bitter fluids, bile, food, acid stomach, after eating weight in the stomach as hard thing; stitches in the stomach to move or stumble, excruciating pain to the lower pressure in the region of the stomach and sharp pains in the region prensivos liver, especially when tightening, heavy breathing or coughing, the region of the liver and stomach rises and is sensitive ; the belly rises and rises with tightness and pain accompanied by pangs as heavy, especially when pressed, rumbling and rumbling in the abdomen, with flatulence and constipation belly, belly hard and persistent constipation for a long time, hard waiver droppings that look charred, green colic, bilious or also white with violent stomach ache, colic pain night with inflammation in the anus, scanty urine, red, brown, almost black, with abundant storage.

Dry cough with sore neck sore chest tightness especially at night or after eating or drinking, with vomiting of what has been eaten; cough that seems to burst the chest, cough with yellow sputum or bloody, with stitches in the sides of chest pain or pressure in the head, difficult breathing, rash, sighing especially after movement, access nocturnal chest tightness, tightness as a weight on the chest, tingling in the chest and sides, especially when coughing and breathing hard with having to get up, unable to lie down unless his back; pangs that increase of any movement, feeling as if the entire contents of the box if he had chest of fall in the belly palpitations with oppression full breasts, strong, hard and painful.

Shooting pains, stabbing, in the limbs and joints, which increases the movement, causing unbearable sweat and touch in the painful areas, pain of prostration or as if they formed drainage, as if the flesh were detached from the bone, inability or difficulty moving some members are as dormant, stiff and inflexible, shiny red swelling, or discolored, tightness and burning isolated parts especially in the vicinity of the joints, with stitches when touched or when it comes to move , cold sweat followed by heat and general thirst with red urine, skin rash after sweating, night sweats and big bouncing mornings sour smell, and are accompanied by restlessness and anxiety, breathing sighs way, restless sleep with dreams, insomnia especially until midnight, he can not be cast aside, delirium at night; scares during sleep face flushed, hot and livid yellow, sunken, with ringing in the ears, lips, tongue dry and brown, yellowish.

General symptoms characteristic of Bryonia

Loss of dark meat with skin and yellowish nervous disposition, bilious and angry; great inclination to get angry, sour, was free, detached, movable, and as the anger, the sweating, alternating with cold, increased complaints to contact or trying to move, morning or night waking, sharp pains and pressure, discomfort to catch cold when it's a dry cold wind or ribbed, with an inflammatory, rheumatic, bilious with repugnance to all food, like drinking wine , things sour or coffee with lazy evacuation of the womb.

Dose and Bryonia making

As in Aconitum

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