Calcarea carb - Calcarea acetic - Homeopathy Remedies

Calcarea carb - Homeopathic Remedy

Calcium carbonate 30 th dilution - Calcium Acetate 2 nd milling

Main indications of Calcarea Calcarea carb and acetic

  • Scrofula, rickets (especially of children malnourished or too much, being parents discrásicos). Scabs on the head and face, flows through the ear, eye inflammation, swelling of glands in the neck, and swelling with pus but painless.
  • Persistent constipation
  • Ozena
  • Polyp of the nose
  • Skin tumors.
  • Bone softening, gangrene, tumors and fistulas.
  • Chronic headache (especially in women suffering from hysterical sensitive digestion difficult). Headache (especially women with large nerve heartburn).
  • Chronic dyspepsia, stomach cramps
  • Stomach acidity. Chronic colic (especially of scrofulous children, during dentition as well as the consumptive) softening of the stomach and intestines; atrophy of children, (especially after weaning). Roundworms.
  • Wasting diseases consumptive fever, sweat and debilitating and colic.

Main characteristics of Calcarea Calcarea carb and acetic

Emaciation despite a good appetite, obesity in childhood and youth, infirm, frail, especially nervousness in weakness and lack of energy.

Skin rough, rough, dry, prone to eruptions, cold interior considerable large head with little hair and head skin with scabs, face pale, thin, aged eruptions on the face, swollen neck glands, and ringing in the ears, eyes that exude pus, along with red eyes and aversion to light, thick and red nose with thick mucus excretion and shortness of breath in the nose, whose windows are usually crusty and bad odors, smell spent , the region of the stomach and lower abdomen up over the natural, hard glands, swollen by way of drum painful flatulence, weak limbs, weak and cold, swollen joints and diversion of tubular bones.

Poor growth and slow and delayed physical development, along with mental dispositions, active and precocious.
Light-headedness and dizziness, rising, to quickly return the head and then get angry, attacks of pain on one side of the head with nausea and stomach acid, glacial cold in the head, headache penetrating and beating after of walking in the air and forcing lie.

Sour taste in the mouth, and food; total lack of appetite alternating with canine hunger, persistent aversion to meat and hot foods, children's tendency to eat plaster, lime, coal and other things like that; nausea after drinking milk, the food comes up again with sour, morning sickness, vomiting of what has been eaten tight dresses become unbearable, belly hard and raised with the same pain and swelling of glands in the groin, weakness Belly constant, low stools, lazy and sour, pushing white mucus, with stinging and itching in the bowel and roundworms, frequent urination with white deposit, exhaustion and weakness after stool.

Frequent and debilitating sweat a lot, little movement during the day, more at night and towards morning with cold sharp, burning passenger with palpitations, chest tightness and weakness unbearable ease of colds and sensitivity to cold, damp air thirst large during the night, sleep with anxious dreams fatigued and chest tightness.

Dosage and taking Calcarea Calcarea carb and acetic

In most cases, short and frequent doses, especially when there scrofulous cachexia (eye inflammation, rashes, swelling of glands and skin, rickets and gangrene, etc.).
Carbonic calcareous dilution in 2 to 3 globules every 2 to 3 weeks. Only in cases threatening dyspepsia, straining and wasting of children very weak, and in the colicuaciones of consumptives and bouts of migraine is more effective Calcarea acetic to 2nd grinding frequent dosing (every 3 to 6 hours).

In chronic cases cited, where it matters particularly to improve and change progressively throughout the constitution, it will be convenient to dissolve 1 drop some globules of Calcarea carb 30 th dilution in a small glass of water, and to this solution by teaspoons (of coffee) within 24 hours, and then await the effects quietly weeks or even months.

In these cases becomes the most important diet and regimen, especially when it comes to scrofulous children. Meals must be arranged and liquid foods consist of meat, eggs, milk, some bread, potatoes none; food made of flour, but fatty, sweet, drink plenty of water will be banned candy; will take care of the skin, ensuring clean air and adequate physical exercise.

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