Can the virus cause obesity?

Virus to blame for obesity!

When it comes to overweight and obesity, we've certainly heard all causes and all possible culprits.

Causes of obesity

The main reason used to be, for many people simply overeat and blame was placed on the lack of control over their supply by the person.

In other cases the blame is placed on the omnipresence of almighty boob food industry: television, the brain washing of children and adults encouraging them to eat foods high in calories and full of fat.

But we can not forget the genes, which lately seems to be the source of all evil and disease. Genetic predisposition is another cause for many is the basis of obesity.

Well, they are mistaken if they believe they have discovered the cause of overweight and obesity. Guess what the ultimate cause of obesity since not long ago?

Viruses and obesity

A virus. Yes, Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar of Louisiana believes the common cold virus can interfere with normal body processes and make us fat. The doctor and his team at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center has documented more than 1,000 obese patients appears to be related to infection by the virus called adenovirus-36.

Apparently, when the virus is in the fat tissue and replicates in the process, the number of fat cells, which may explain why people gain in fat when infected with the virus.

If this is so, and said the virus has something to do with the puzzle of the cause of obesity, it makes things get a little more for everyone. This would mean that, since viruses are contagious, is it necessary to stay away from the obese so that we are not spreading obesity? On the other hand, this kind of news can justify the use of drugs for weight loss in obesity morbidity (or even morbid).

But then, one can not stop thinking about it, this study would give people a feeling of greater freedom to follow their own diets and eat everything that is removed a little responsibility for their own weight and fitness since the end of the one is not guilty of obesity but the virus.

Guess we'll have to wait for more research to confirm the findings of that doctor. But this smells fishy.

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