Cardiac Asthma - Symptoms

Cardiac asthma

The term cardiac asthma attack more or less severe and sudden dyspnea that occurs in some patients suffering from heart failure and left ventricular acute due to aortic valve defects (stenosis, insufficiency) decompensated hypertension, etc.

Usually at night the patient wakes up with a start with a sensation of difficulty in breathing.

Access usually disappears after a few minutes, but can last several hours and complicated with pulmonary edema box.

Cardiac asthma symptoms

It is not easy to distinguish a picture of bronchial asthma cardiac asthma other since both processes occur abruptly and acutely and often evolve similarly.

However, cardiac asthma symptoms usually:

  • Rapid, shallow breathing (tachypnea), instead of slow breathing typical of bronchial asthma
  • The type is primarily inspiratory dyspnea (in bronchial asthma is expiratory)
  • On auscultation of the chest appears dry and moist rales at the base of both hemithorax and not evenly spread.
  • On auscultation of heart murmurs are revealed, cardiac arrhythmia and a very extensive area at the expense of the left ventricle.
  • There may be high blood pressure and severe disorders in blood circulation in the feet as edema, cyanosis of the skin, liver congestion thickened blood, etc..
  • Lack of urine (oliguria)
  • Serous fluid, sputum, sometimes bloody.

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