Caring elimination organs

Caring elimination

Within the Care Medicine elimination organs is essential if we rebuild the body's defenses and bring healing.

If we allow our body to accumulate excess toxins, pollutants, toxic chemicals and waste products, we will be creating an ideal breeding ground for disease and degeneration of organs and tissues. All treatment and health program you want to achieve the best possible state of health requires paying close attention to proper disposal.

Iridology tells us what are our weakest organs and tissues, and it is in these areas where toxins tend to accumulate caused the conditions for the loss of health from infections, diseases or other organic abnormalities.

Depending on the constitution of each person, for some it may be the most loaded breathing apparatus, for others, the kidneys, liver, thyroid, endocrine system, etc..

In order to prevent the accumulation of toxins we have to pay special attention and care to those in our body systems that show inherent weaknesses, trying to ensure that disposal systems are performing their duties in the best way possible.

Caring elimination organs

The main organs of elimination to which we must give attention are: the intestines, kidneys, bronchi, skin and lymphatic system. Consider how we care for each of these organ systems.

The intestine

It has been said that the bowel Medicine is King. It is one of the main causes of loss of health. To improve elimination through our gut, and that this did not cause future problems one of the best aid is to take a daily lactobacillus acidophilus culture.

There are nutritional supplements that are very interesting acidophilus for improved intestinal elimination and natural crops such as yogurt, kefir, etc..

Enemas or enemas. Enema pints of water from time to time is another great help raising the intestine. When we use water for enema can add flax seed tea. The way to prepare would be: in the liter or half liter of water that we will use for enema put a tablespoon of flax seed and let it boil for 10 minutes. After you snuck cool water and use it for the enema.

Another product which can be added to water is a coffee enema. This will help improve the condition of the liver and relieve intestinal pain.

Other interesting products to add to water enema as our needs are: Kanne, clay or seawater (quinton hypertonic or Biomaris).


Needless to say the importance of kidney care to maintain good health. Some tips you can consider to improve elimination through the kidneys would be:

  • Take before breakfast two or three glasses of water, with a teaspoon of liquid chlorophyll in some of them.
  • Skin brushing every morning before bath. In this way we help the kidneys remove acids that otherwise would have to be orders of kidneys do.
  • The use of medicinal plants. Some interesting plants to help the kidneys and improve their function would be: horsetail, parsley, bearberry, corn stigmas, birch, etc..
  • To avoid irritating the kidneys is preferable, if they are a weak point in our body, not consume citrus fruits much less if they are not ripe.

The bronchi

Some medicinal plants useful in the care of the bronchi are: pine, thyme, barberry, coltsfoot, echinacea, eucalyptus, fir, licorice, etc..

In cases of asthma and shortness of breath can be prepared a poultice of onions, flax seeds and tablespoon honey. Chop the onion and mixed with flax seeds and honey, and heated in a saucepan with their own juice. Then applied on a canvas and chest, being careful not to burn the skin. Are renewed as cool. This is usually an excellent remedy for children with cough and asthma.

You can also prepare a syrup with onion and honey. Cut the onion into thin slices and pour over them a spoonful of honey. After about two hours of sleep is strained and the liquid is used as needed to relieve cough.


The skin is one of the most neglected organs. Having healthy skin is health insurance. The skin receives third part of the circulating blood. Besides the skin needs plenty of water. How can we care for our skin?

Skin Brushing
Our skin can be removed in one day about a kilo of waste. These would uric acid crystals, catarrh and other acids. These are expelled more easily if we remove the skin's surface layer and dead. The skin, known as a "third kidney" facilitates the work of the kidneys.

For skin brushing should use a natural bristle brush and long handle. Never use a nylon brush as they irritate the skin. The skin should always brush dry, not wet every morning for two or three minutes before bath or before dressing. The brush should go in all directions to avoid brushing his face.

Right dress
The inappropriate clothing may contribute to the onset of disease. Dresses or inappropriate clothing prevent skin "breathe" properly. Because habits imposed by social life we ​​prevent skin breathe outdoors as often as it should be. The clothing prevents sunlight from reaching our body through sunbathing and air. Therefore, to counter these harmful effects always wear clothes made from natural fabrics: silk, cotton, linen, and avoid synthetics. This should be both indoor and outdoor clothes. Remember that cotton and other natural fabrics of the skin absorb toxins and waste products. Synthetic materials prevent this form of disposal.

Oils for Skin
Another way is to use skin nourishing skin oils. The apricot kernel oil is a wonderful natural cosmetic skin and especially for the face.

The lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is perhaps the great unknown to the public, but we consider it as another of the keys to good health. The lymph glands found in the armpits, the English, along the neck and spine and breasts, which are the parts of the body that move. Exercise is good for mobility of lymph. The exercises in "figure-eight" and any others that squeeze and compress our lymph glands are worthy to be considered to help the lymphatic system to get rid of toxic waste that accumulates.

Ah! Mauve flowers in infusion is another great ally of the lymphatic system.


As we have briefly analyze the care of our organs of elimination is a goal to have in mind when both prevent disease have been developed. But we can not forget that in addition to this, we should remove from your diet all condiments (irritating to the liver), stimulants, snuff, drugs, alcohol, etc..

A warm bath with a relaxing massage is always very refreshing and auxiliary descansador for elimination. Remember that we must preserve our skin pores open and active.

Finally, the care of our nervous system is very important. Avoid therefore, emotional stress. And in conclusion we can not speak of fasting, one of the best allies of elimination.

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