Carrots and their juice. Properties

The carrot belongs to the few vegetable crops whose ancestry can be assured as coming from a wild plant.

The carrot and a little history
The carrot story goes back to 4,000 years ago. In Roman times, the carrot was cultivated in Germany and was export item. The emperor Tiberius made them bring Germany to its imperial kitchen. In the thirteenth century cited the carrot in the list of medicines.
The great development of our food, which took place in 1900 at roughly wiped the carrot of many recipes and only returned to be considered when very spectacular successes achieved in the treatment of sick infants with excellent practical results in the feeding of babies.
Currently, the carrot is shown as a natural remedy overwhelming. Modern research on vitamins containing contributed to it greatly.

Composition of carrots
First, the carrot owes its success to its high content of vitamins and minerals. However, should not ignore the other less active substances considered, as are the substances responsible for taste, the plant's own enzymes, growth factors and many trace elements.
The composition of carrot has been investigated. Besides the water contains:
1% protein
1.3% fat
6 and 12% sugar

His ashes are high in potassium, in addition to sodium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, sulfur, silicon and manganese. However, if anything is appreciated for his carrot is high in carotene, a precursor of vitamin A (provitamin A) which gives the classic red purple. Although the carotene is also present in all green leaves of plants, not less often than the carrot.
Moreover, after analysis of hundreds of different varieties of carrots has been found that although many contain large amounts of carotene, others contain little change.
Since the provitamin A or carotene is strongly colored, carrot should use a strong color as they have a better nutritional source of provitamin A.

The minerals and vitamins that contain a carrot does not vary greatly from one variety to another. Apart from carotene, there are significant numbers of the following vitamins:
Riboflavin, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, biotin, folic acid (B9).
Among the minerals are: potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sulfur, copper and chlorine.

Carrots, like tomatoes, contain high amounts of carotene. However, it is important to know that the carotene content of carrots decreased, although little, storage, and also with and alters the rest of the composition of fresh carrots. We can thus understand the need for that if you take this particular carrot juice squeezed and stabilized.

Benefits of eating carrots
With its content is pectin (soluble fiber), carrots promote intestinal transit, while protecting and softening the intestinal mucosa.
Regular consumption of carrots Night Vision strengthens us, protects us from skin and mucous membranes (respiratory, intestinal, urinary) and together with the red beet (raw grated or juice), constitute a good combination in the prevention of cancer and in the feeding of these patients.

Benefits of cooked carrots
Knew that in the case of carotenoids from carrots or lycopene from tomatoes, are so attached ("glued") to the cells of these vegetables not chew well enough or grated to loosen? For our bodies to the maximum advantage of these carotenoids is better to follow a process of cooking. So a rich carrot jam or a cream of carrot is a rich source of carotenes.

Carrot Juice
The squeezed carrot juice as is certainly the most important basic juice. It is one of the most delicious and healthy juices there, either alone or in combination, and should be in all diets where you need an extra supply of carotene or provitamin A.
The benefit of carrot juice on other sources of vitamin A is that the latter is usually associated at times with saturated fats as often occurs with eggs, butter or cod liver oil, that location is not given with the carrot juice.

Carrot juice is the basis for formulation of other juices or juice and combines well with almost any fruit and vegetables like apple juice, so do not worry about incompatibilities. You can soften the taste of any other more unpleasant-tasting juice with its sweetness.
To take just one example. A liquefied carrots, celery and green apple is one of the most extraordinary smoothies that can be taken by nutrients.

Carrot juice and their indications

It should be noted the usefulness of carrot juice for raising children and infants due to its concentration in nutrients and vitamins, especially after the removal or shredding of the fiber, to avoid intestinal irritation that produces them.

Carrot juice can also provide a great service to combat intestinal worms, especially in children, because of its natural vermifuge properties. Also of interest for the states of convalescence, loss of appetite and weakness statements.

If we want to act as tonic can be reinforced with the juice of spinach and beetroot.

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