Causes and remedies for white vaginal discharge - leukorrhea

Causes of leukorrhea

Excess or abnormal white vaginal discharge in women is also known as leukorrhea.

Vaginal discharge is common in the majority of women and varies in color, amount and consistency according to the reproductive phase and menstruation in women. It may be colorless, transparent and watery to thick and whitish. Vaginal discharge is secreted by the glands and is a way of getting rid of the cells and fluids through the vagina to keep it clean and avoid it is infected. An abnormal condition of white stream may be cause for concern.

White vaginal discharge can be accompanied by feeling of itching, burning, pain in the abdominal region, back pain, pain in the pelvic area and mood swings in women. It is necessary to know the cause of the leukorrhea to know how to treat.

Causes of white vaginal discharge - leukorrhea

Some of the causes of vaginal secretion of white colour are as follows:

1 Fungi: If there is an infection caused by fungus in the vagina, could give rise to this condition of downloading, along with itching. Yeast infection can occur due to share public baths, where many people share the same toilet. Women who use large amount of vaginal medicines or forget to remove the diaphragm and tampons are at one greater risk of suffering from white vaginal discharge (leukorrhea).

2 Stress: The white flow can also be caused by mental stress and anxiety.

3. Sexually transmitted diseases: the leukorrhea can be caused by certain sexually transmitted diseases.

4 Disorders of the pelvis – pelvic inflammatory diseases and other disorders of the pelvis may be responsible for white vaginal discharge in women. In addition, women at risk of vaginal discharge are also those which are often heavy objects, suffering from anemia, low immunity, and tuberculosis.

5 Problems of cervix: problems in the cervical area can lead to white vaginal discharge.

Treatments for white vaginal discharge - leukorrhea

There are many creams, medicines and ointments available to treat the vaginal discharge white if it is due to an infection.

Some remedies with plants or herbs are also known to cure this condition in a natural way as: Amalaki, Symplocus racemosus, Ficus glomerata, Ashoka or Saraca Indica.

These herbs are used as disinfectants to the genital tract in women. They are natural remedies against the flow and help in the cleaning of the urinary tract and the expulsion of toxins that cause infections.

Apart from these treatments should maintain good personal hygiene to reduce vaginal discharge. It is necessary to maintain healthy body with a nutritious diet. Eat lots of fruit, vegetables, salads and drink plenty of water ensures that our body receives vital nutrients necessary to maintain high immunity and fight infections.

The practice of relaxation techniques will help you to keep free of stress and improve their power of resistance. Avoid eating spicy food, fat and high-sugar foods.

Keep the vaginal area clean and dry, with regular washing and the use of internal cotton instead of nylon underwear and tight clothes.

Avoid the use of products perfumed sprays, powders and soaps near the vagina to prevent white vaginal discharge.

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