Causes of pain and burning during urination in women

Causes of burning urination

The feeling of painful urination in women is a condition associated with the burning during urination.

Usually a sign of some kind of urinary tract infection or bladder. Vaginal infection or irritation in the vagina also causes discomfort, pain or burning sensation when urinating. The pain may be felt in the area where urine exits the body, bladder or behind the pubic bone. This is a very common problem and is also known by the term dysuria.

Causes of pain and burning during urination in women

Pain on urination in women is usually caused by inflammation or infection in the urinary tract and can occur for the following reasons:

1. Urinary tract infections:
A urinary tract infection includes mainly the lower urinary tract, which is the urethra and bladder. In these cases it is common for women to experience a burning sensation when urinating, frequent urination and persistent urge to urinate.

2. Kidney infection
This is a specific type of urinary tract infection and can cause painful urination in women.

3. Bladder stones
The bladder stones are formed when minerals in the urine crystallize. These stones can cause pain frequent urination.

4. Kidney stones
These small stones are crystallized mineral deposits in the kidney. The elimination of these calculations can be extremely painful and cause discomfort and pain when urinating.

5. Vaginitis
It is an inflammation of the vagina that can result in painful urination, along with other symptoms.

6. Cystitis
Inflammation of the bladder is called cystitis, and between the symptoms they produce are a strong desire to urinate with burning sensation and pain.

7. Chlamydia
It is a genital tract infection is usually transmitted by sexual contact and symptoms of this condition include abdominal pain and painful urination.

8. Vulvovaginitis:
This fungal infection of the vulva or vagina may be another cause of pain.

9. Herpes infection
Herpes infection in the genital area may be another cause of painful urination in women.

10. Irritation
Vaginal tissue irritation caused by perfumes, soaps, lotions and other irritants can cause discomfort and burning when urinating.

The doctor will have to do a urine test to determine the cause of infection and pain.

If the pain is due to inflammation in the vagina, the doctor may collect samples of vaginal secretions to detect yeast or other microorganisms.

If the pain is due to an infection in the urethra, you can collect the exudate swab for the presence of bacteria.

Other tests may also be performed for other causes.

Treatments for pain and burning during urination

Treatment to eliminate painful urination in women may include taking antibiotics to prevent infection of the kidneys in conventional treatments.

Prevention is a good recipe to avoid this painful condition and not returning. Increase water intake and fluid is very important in prevention.

It is known that cranberry juice is effective in curing urinary tract infections.

Do not use douches, spermicides, perfumed talc or other fragrant near or inside your vagina.

Maintain good personal hygiene can help prevent this disorder pain and burning during urination.

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