Chamomilla - Homeopathy Remedies

Chamomilla - Homeopathy

Major indications for Chamomilla

  • Eruption of the face (tumefaciente). Abrading the skin, neck, between the legs and armpits; toothache with swelling of the cheek, fever and convulsions teething wind accompanied by swelling of glands in the neck and ears, swelling of the neck (in especially children, and as a result of colds).
  • State gastric and bilious, stomach cramps, flatulence, colic (especially of children to have colds and teething).
  • Menstrual cramps, excessive menstruation, bleeding from the womb, abortion imminent.
  • Catarrhal cough (especially of children after cold), pertussis (Early Stage), flatulent asthma in children.
  • Convulsions and cramps (especially children and women hysterical).

Key features of Chamomilla

Healthy skin, which readily slag; eczema (rash as measles); stitches on one side of the head, pain in the ear with throbbing, swelling of glands in the ear swelling of the cheek, red on one cheek when the other is pale, convulsive movement of the muscles of the face toothache after taking cold, eating or drinking, especially when the drink is hot like coffee night with toothache, swelling of the cheeks, and increased by the heat of the bed or cold drink hard teething children with heaviness and numbness, cramping greenish, convulsions, pain in the neck on swallowing as if he had a lump in the throat, color and burning up in the chest and neck.

Bitter taste in the mouth or corrupted, lack of appetite with nausea at the sight of food; color on the face after eating, bloated stomach, belching and nausea, bilious vomiting, stomach pressure as a stone, after meals, with shortness of breath, fullness and excessive abotaga-up region of the stomach, as if inflated with air, with shortness of breath, pain in the upper abdomen with shortness of breath and pale face, violent pain: cramps watery, green : mucous like egg chewed, pushing night with white mucus discharge accompanied by pain: undigested stools.

Expulsion plenty of blood on dark pieces are set, the uterus, during menstruation or outside, with pressive pains from the spine to the lower abdomen and the sexual, violent cramps in the lower abdomen with great sensitivity to touch, cold sunken features or fidgeting from one side to another with moans and sighs.

Accompanied by hoarseness, persistent cough with thick mucus in the larynx, continuous titration vapors neck on the chest with a dry cough especially at night and during sleep, breathing, accompanied by bubble sound of intermittent suspension of breath, coughing especially after heavy agitation and mourn: burning large chest.

Convulsive movement and contraction of certain muscles or members of the mouth and eyes, face, teeth crugimiento with pale face and sunken, the thumb is closed, others do twitch, cramp in the calves, back bends backward, the body becomes stiff.

General symptoms characteristic of Chamomilla

Irritable temperament, all senses are extremely impressionable, the slightest pain is not supported, inclination: to feel aggrieved, disgusted with great irritability and frequent exaggerations of affections of the soul, and hence often ailments after disputes, quarrels, jealousy and dislikes; been sick after colds, pain with prostration even fainting.

The pains usually occur at night and even under the heat of the bed, accompanied by thirst, burning and color especially on one cheek, hot sweat on the forehead and head, as also of great concern, continuous change position, irritability, screaming and crying; great desire of lying or being carried in the arms (in children), restless sleep at night with terrors and fits of anxiety.

Is particularly suited to diseases of infants and others, hysterical women or too fond of coffee that are on tape, in labor, who raise or found in the critical periods.

Dosage and making Chamomilla

In most cases, only a 3 globules making 2 or 3 times a day, or a drop in a teaspoon (area) of water once a day in chronic cases will be longer intervals, and only when seizures occur or in cases of great care be given more frequent doses. Must rigorously proscribed the use of coffee, tea, wine, beer, acids, spices and all kinds of alcoholic beverages, both during and after use of the Cham.

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