China - Homeopathy Remedies

China Features in Homeopathy

Reminders of China

  • Headaches, face and teeth. Neuralgia.
  • State gastric and bilious, chronic dyspepsia and stomach cramps, especially after loss of blood and lymph, of serious illness and excessive feeding),
  • Flatulent colic, straining debilitating lientería, dropsy of the belly.
  • Consequences of Onanism. Bleeding from the matrix. Abortion.
  • White discharge, pain matrix.
  • Intermittent fever, dropsy, typhoid.
  • Consumitiva fever.
  • Scurvy, bleeding.
  • Anemia and chlorosis.

Main features of China

Shooting pains, rheumatism in the head, face and teeth, or teeth, limbs and tubular bones, which are presented and regular, with prostration and weakness of the parties suffering, increased or provoked by the slightest touch, and that worsen at night, especially in anemic subjects and age, or nervous, pregnant or nursing.

Headache as if it would burst, sensitivity of the outside of the head to the roots of the hair when touched; face and sunken eyes, prominent nose with more than usual, coldly crush the body and blood towards the head.

Bitter or sour taste in the mouth with disgust for all food, desire for sweets without real appetite like vomiting, weight in the stomach, bloating of the abdomen and right upper quadrant, pangs in the spleen, flatulent colic, persistent swelling and thick belly, soft stool evacuation difficult, frequent or white; colic with yellow discharge, watery or mucous membrane, especially after eating fruit, undigested stool, especially at night, and even unintentional: urine dark red color with reservoir brick, frequent pollutions, sexual itch, crush the blood into the array, as if to get off pain, hemorrhage was the time of menstruation, heavy menstruation, abortion or tendency to abort, nymphomania of women in labor, white discharge with contractions matrix with tendency to fall, watery, or bloody pus itching, stinging and irritability, painful hardness in the cervix.

Cold, shivering with cold followed by heat and sweat with violent thirst, with pain in the back and deposit red, sandy or crystal urine, fever accompanied by an extraordinary weakness and vomiting, fever slow, debilitating sweat, dream not invigorates with anxiety dreams and delusions, cramps, bleeding, heart palpitations at the slightest movement, senses aroused, bad mood, anxiety, exhaustion and emaciation, cold all over, cool color, earthy, yellowish aversion to any occupation and movement , edematous swelling of the feet.

General symptoms characteristic of China

The parts about being thrown, and limbs fall asleep, general weakness, trembling, with great tendency to sweat during any movement, sleep, over-excitation of the entire nervous system, followed by prostration overwrought vivacity, fresh complexion, pale, yellowish or increased aches and pains caused by touch or night; ailments dating originally from serious illness, bleeding, pus sexual excess and excessive efforts and work, general cold throughout the body, daytime sleepiness with sleep non-restorative restless night.

Dose of China

In acute cases a sufficient drop 3 globules, 2 to 3 times daily in chronic be given to longer intervals. Spices, flatulent vegetables, coffee and tea should be rigorously proscribed.

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