Cina - Homeopathics Remedies

Cina - Homeopathy

Major indications for Cina

  • Worms (especially in scrofulous children). Seizures, pain of stomach (in children who eat too much and usually full of worms.)
  • Involuntary urination at night in children, whooping cough.
  • Ague

General characteristics of Cina

Headache, as if caused by any load that had been in it, caused and enhanced by trips to the outdoors, reading, study and meditation: unclear view, relieved by rubbing or wiping their eyes , sneezing and itching in the nose, which require scratching and rubbing, full face and pale, with dark circles, blueness around the mouth, difficulty in swallowing, especially liquids: big appetite after eating, greed, nausea and vomiting alternating with voracious appetite, pain and throbbing in the abdomen, especially around the navel, frequent urge to urinate and clear urination, urination at night in bed frequently constipated clear runny nose and burning dry cough , seizure suddenly in great distress and shortness of breath.

Sudden pain with feeling of exhaustion, insomnia at night, which forced to lie on one side to the other, crying, screaming, frequent yawning and shaking chills, fever with great thirst, pale, miserable, great prostration, nausea, vomiting, voracious , clean tongue, dilated pupils, pointed nose, sweating little.

Dose of Cina

Morning and afternoon drop or 4 globules, in chronic diseases less frequent dosing. By treating scrofulous children or loaded worm should be avoided above all, frequent meals, or afford a lot of bread, potatoes or starchy foods but instead give liquid food (soup, milk, boiled eggs).

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