Circular nerve ring fragmented Iridology

Circular nerve ring fragmented Iridology

They are like a circle or semicircle arches usually located at the peripheral part of the 5th zone of the iris. Every day, its frequency is higher in people. These are the unmistakable sign of a general state of tension that caused by our way of life. They are a clear symptom of stress. Nerve rings are a sign of a functional, so that the symptoms displayed by people who have them are essentially of this type, without organic lesion, unless there is another sign added, that makes us suspicious of any failure or injury tissue.

Presence of many nerve rings warn us of the patient's nervous tendency, caused mainly by an increase in sympathetic nervous system tone. Patients with nerve rings are usually many people uneasy, "jumping" to the minimum and have at times painful spastic type problems. So that may be associated with migraines, painful periods or difficult digestion. In addition, yellow, with excess phosphoric acid are stimulatory effect. The dark, excess uric acid, are depressing, both functional and mental.

Watching them, therefore we will consider: the amount, depth, circularity, the degree of fragmentation and coloration.

In the case of fragmentation will note that this gives a worse prognosis, since they indicate a trend towards autonomic disruption of energy. On the other hand, many argue that potential Seasoned iridologists problems reported nerve rings are presented in the sectors where they begin or end. Therefore, further fragmentation indicate a greater number of sectors.

By observing these rings nervous twitch or understand the importance of caring in all our way of life. It is not just a matter of knowing how to eat and not intoxicating, but often is more important not to poison our minds with our way of life and our thoughts unfit. In this world of competition and ambition we need to re-educate, we must learn to acquire peace of mind. Here relaxation techniques are essential to learn to acquire a control of our mind, body and life.

Recall that the state of tension that is the body indicates its misuse is becoming the nervous system. What affects the nerves affecting the glands and vice versa. It is this tension that we must avoid because the tight tissues prevent blood from flowing freely and toxic waste is then locked in different parts of the body due to twitches

It is increasingly common to see these rings and in greater numbers in the iris. No wonder. The human nervous system is not built to withstand the atomic age. Harmony, peace, rest, create health chaos, strife and hatred destroy it.

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