Citrus juice for constipation

Benefits of citrus fruits for constipation

Citrus juices

Citrus juices are another remedy for constipation and to stimulate the movement of the colon and other body parts. Because the colon is less active at night, drinking juices as soon as you wake up and get up can stimulate peristaltic action of the colon and produce a bowel movement.


Lemons contain many minerals, especially potassium, vitamin C and bioflavonoids. They have a cleansing action for the whole organism.

It is said that lemon juice is the king of fruit juices. It contains citric acid, which acts in the body in a way like no other juice does. First, it acts on the liver to build its enzymes so it can detoxify toxins in the blood. Then combines with calcium to form soluble chemical substances. This makes it effective in removing kidney and pancreatic undo plaques along artery walls, and other calcium deposits that occur in the body.

When the liver, gallbladder and pancreas malfunction, food digestion is affected. This in turn will create constipation.

The use of lemons makes better digest the oils and allows our body to assimilate more easily allowing our cells and joints the advantage.

If you have lemon allergies or ulcers then it is best to avoid the lemon juice. If you have arthritis be careful with the lemon juice.

Taking lemon juice

Squeeze a lemon into a glass of hot mineral water. Drink as soon as you lift. Wait half an hour until you take another type of food.

You can use a lemon juicer or just squeezing for juice. Note that you can use lemon juice along with other beverages such as tea, in this way enhances the action of the infusions.

Grapefruit juice

Another remedy for constipation you can use is drinking a glass of grapefruit juice squeezed in the morning. As in the previous case must wait at least half an hour before eating anything else.

If you are taking anticonvulsant medication, birth control pills, estrogen, protease inhibitors and other drugs, it is preferable to avoid drinking grapefruit juice. It can slow the absorption of certain drugs which can cause an increase in blood levels of these drugs.

Grapefruit and orange juice

Good morning drink is a combination of grapefruit and orange juice. Just prepare a glass of juice in equal parts of these fruits early in the morning.

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