Coffea - Homeopathics Remedies

Coffea in Homeopathy

Major indications for Coffea

  • Headache (from the use of wine); Migraine.
  • Weak digestion. Stomach discomfort, (a result of overeating or drinking well), flatulent pains, cramps, seizures of menstruation, menstrual cramps), pain after childbirth, labor pains too weak or out of time.
  • Insomnia, shouting, complaining and whining of children, seizures of the same and hysterical women.

Main characteristics of Coffea

Rush of blood to the head with heavy, especially when speaking, extremely sensitive to ear for music: pain as if the brain will collapse, on one side of the head as if you had driven a nail into the temples, with excitation and unbearable restlessness: imagination alive and excited.

Anguish and heaviness in the cavity above the stomach, especially after eating bread, nausea, feeling sick, aversion to food, beverages and snuff, big appetite, eating anxious and greedy gas very bad digestion, heaviness, tightness and violent pain of colic, with urging to stool; acute pain requiring encorvarlo belly, and shrink, cold and stiffness throughout the body, sexual arousal.

Few want to sleep with a tendency to lie down and close your eyes, mind and body overwrought; willingness to mourn, restless in bed, anxiety, chills, hot body, convulsive movements of teeth with cracks and cold extremities.

General symptoms of Coffea

Irritability and excitement of the painful parts of the entire nervous system, with great willingness to mourn and discomfort, ailments caused by excessive joy or other impressions of the soul, cooling or the use of wine, aversion to open air, fatigue and increased discomfort when walking outdoors.

Coffea dose

Each 1, 2 or 3 hours or 3 globules 1 drop of dilution 6 ª, in the treatment of children sometimes sufficient to make them open vial smell. Diet is the same as required by Chamomilla, and as is understood, should be prohibited at all the use of roasted coffee, and in general should consider the application of coffee as minor drug or effective only in very rare cases, when comes to coffee drinkers.

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