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Colocynthis in Homeopathy

Top of Colocynthis indiciaciones

  • Headache (one side). Migraine.
  • Rheumatic pain in the head and face.
  • Toothache.
  • Flatulence in the intestines, cramping (especially after taking cold, or gas).
  • Colic hernia. Colic. Dysentery, push.
  • Sciatic pain (isquias).

Main features of Colocynthis

Pressure in the forehead increases by lowering the head or lie on your back, headache on one side of it with nausea and vomiting, especially in the afternoon, pain that seems to pierce the pulses (time), acute at the brain, and forehead as if prensaran out: the headache alternately occupied small spaces and the brain, and preferably from the front, top or side of the head down sometimes in a kind of pain to another, lasting periods of time, is often accompanied by joint pain or stomach, and increases when moving the head or lower it forward, pain in the outer covering of the head, hair roots, rheumatic pains and tie in a half of the face to the ear, and head inside the burning pain, usually on one half of the face, pain in the teeth of the lower jaw, as if the nerve estirasen, hammering sharp in the lower molars.

Violent pressure in the stomach, especially after eating, hungry, and the belly is up sharply and is accompanied by pain in the umbilical region when it touches: sharp abdominal pain, gnawing, persistent or access, the intestines appear narrowed as if the ligasen with a rope, pain to the sacrum, which decreases if pressed that part; violent colic pains forcing the patient to bend, restlessness and whole body shivering in the face, throbbing in the belly, which diminish and disappear temporarily limited evacuation, pressure in the groin as if he wanted to leave a hernia; movement of gases that are locked out: with a great noise in the gut, with exemptions half liquid, very dark: mucous and bloody pushing and forcing continuous evacuation.

Pain in the thigh when the patient walks as if the muscle called the psoas is too short, violent pain in the upper joint of the thigh as if nailed to the pelvis and spine, and reaches to the region of the kidneys and occupies the entire thigh, knee pain prevents walking, as if the joint is attached and should find cold, cramp in the legs, especially calves, accompanied by heaviness and trembling in the same, the bottom of the foot falls asleep when is at rest.

General symptoms of Colocynthis

Cramps and constipation of the interior and exterior parts: rigidity and stiffness of joints, pain that is accompanied by great anxiety and restlessness; ailments as a result of worry and feeling, night sweat that smells like urine.

Dose: as in Aconite.

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