Constipation and organ toxicity

Iridology - Colon toxic

Chronic constipation can lead to many serious diseases. Fecal matter should move through the colon easily and quickly. When fecal matter remains in the colon for several days, the colon becomes toxic and toxicity extends to every part of the body mainly accumulate in our organs genetically weaker. In the bloodstream, these toxins interfere with oxygen delivery to cells and tissues of your body.

If you have to strive to achieve a bowel movement, it can also damage the tissues of the lower colon and rectum blood vessels and legs.

Constipation in the past

Over 100 years ago, doctors knew the importance of a clean colon. In 1908, Eli Metchnifoff, director of the Pasteur Institute, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine. His research showed that pathogenic colon bacteria produce toxic secretions and by-products, which act as poisons that are slowly poisoning the entire body.

Metchnifoff believed that toxic matter coming from the colon was responsible for all degenerative diseases. His belief was so strong that he thought the man's life is halved when the neglected human colon cleansing and allowed the proliferation of toxic bacteria.

In 1931 Dr. Joseph H. Greer, was telling his patients what to do to end constipation and how to prevent it. Today, nutritionists and other health professionals are advising their patients about the same.
In his little book, "The drug-free way to perfect health," 1931, Joseph H. Greer, reminded his patients:

'You must eat fiber for the intestines to move freely. Concentrated foods (processed foods) and constipation go hand in hand, (y), pills (laxatives) are used more and more for constipation are a vicious circle with bad results.

Do not be afraid of cracked wheat, cornmeal, oats, raw cabbage, onion and celery. These are much better than refined flour and processed foods that flood the market. You can save some work in the kitchen, but they produce constipation '.

Constipation now

Today, it is well accepted by nutritionists, naturopaths and other practitioners of alternative medicine, constipation is a symptom that can not be ignored and the role of the colon must be maintained efficiently. The ignore constipation for long periods of time can lead to serious disease. Chances are you do not arrive at an advanced age and can even be created with a disability.

Constipation is a symptom that can not be ignored, even if only occasionally, as it leads to slow poisoning of the whole body.

Many doctors, for some time, refused to believe that constipation can cause problems or distress to other parts of the body. They do not believe that constipation weakens and damages the body. Even you will find Internet articles, books on anatomy and health books which states that a bowel movement every 3 days or more may be normal.

However, you do not have to wait for a disease take over his body and his life because of constipation. Take responsibility for your health and do not let constipation become a cruel master to take you to the grave early.

Explanation of photography

We offer a practical example in the photo above. It is seen as the entire internal area of ​​the iris (the colon) has a dark color that is not the normal iris. Reflects internal fever and intestinal toxicity. Furthermore, as seen from the colon as channels or part sun colon toxicity to the rest of the body's organs, especially the area of ​​the brain (upper part of the iris). The outer zone (the skin) is very dark.

The symptoms of eczema and psoriasis were person with headaches.

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