Constitution blood. Iridology

Constitution blood. Iridology
They are brown or brown iris, whose color ranges from clear to highly pigmented hazelnut. Iris In these fibers, as noted above, are more difficult to observe. The trends are: blood type problems, circulatory and glandular.

Mainly in this constitution are the irises in circular rings appearing or nervous. The tendency of these rings show a tendency to spasm of nervous, too much stress or tension. In general excess of nerve function. These iris with the presence of multiple circular rings are known as nerve-iris toxoid.

In this photo it can be seen as oscurecemiento nerve rings of the intestinal tract and glandular tendency to constipation. The darkest areas indicate places where organic toxins tend to accumulate. Also you can see sunlight, ie channels indicating more accumulation bodies toxemic with intestinal origin.

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