Contraindications of fasting

Dangers of fasting

First we must understand that fasting promotes healing of most of the diseases or ailments, and in some cases, people who have been classified by mainstream medicine as incurable.

Contraindications of fasting

Contraindications of fasting can be categorized as relative and provisional, or absolute and final. Among the contrindicaciones for people that are low vitality, anemia, or be too thin, it is best to fast for short and repeated with good professional advice.

Among the absolute contraindications are fasting to people with progressive pulmonary tuberculosis. In this case it is very dangerous practice of fasting. However, other types of TB itself can benefit from more restrictive diets to fasting without water.

Another disease that falls within an absolute contraindication to fasting is diabetes, on the whole type I As in tuberculosis can be made more restrictive diets or a natural health regimen to try to reverse the process.

Other situations in which fasting is contraindicated

Apart from these diseases, other reasons for a fast break are related to the following conditions:

The appearance of blue funk (atrocious or excessive) during fasting. For this to happen is not always best to do the fast under the supervision of a professional or an institution of fasting.

  • People who lose weight very quickly and reach their lower limit of safety. Is interrupted to avoid reaching starvation.
  • Loss of patient autonomy
  • Extreme weakness or degeneration
  • Continuous pain in the kidneys. If this is the case, due to a deletion which causes excessive renal hyperfunction. In this case it is necessary to reduce or break the fast for not impair renal function.
  • If breathing becomes difficult. In this case also must stop fasting.

Recall that in general, and in most cases, these contraindications are not present if fasting is effected by the method of feeding stages as the detoxification is progressive. Those, however, a fast start abruptly, without stages, and can threaten or symptoms appear more complex situations. But if short fasts are done in stages, and then one long, this can be a great way to prevent diseases and give our body a chance to naturally eliminate existing ones.

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