Definition of Iridology

The Iridology is the science, and even as we see art that deals with the study of the iris, in particular its color, markings, changes, and see how all these signs are related to health or infirmity of the subject.

We say that is a science because there are principles recognized, they are a very well defined and growing body of knowledge, coming into force of this technique and thus constitutes an established science.

Iridology is not yet an exact science in the sense that everything is working mechanically or strict. On the contrary, as a true biological science, there are still many details that are discovered, and even once discovered knowledge to interpret them. The only way forward in this science is continuing research in the signs that appear in the iris and comparing with the disease symptoms experienced by people who possess them. In fact, one can say that iridology, at this time reveals much more than we understand.

However, it also has a lot of art, because we can not conclude that such a sign, mark or blemish, automatically diagnose a disease as is done mechanically in allopathic medicine regardless of a person in a holistic manner. No, iridologist the mind of a mind has to be much wider and comprehensive. Iridologist analysis must take a holistic approach. We have to focus not only evil, but in the person studying it, looking at her, love her, to understand it. All this requires an insight that not everyone possesses. So we saw that some mistakenly called "Seasoned iridologists" even intended to diagnose diseases by looking at the irises of a person, when the reality is much more complicated. We can not guess why should we make of certain failure in the development of this wonderful science that human nature has placed within their reach. All these false Seasoned iridologists, or just apprentices have to be careful when making comments because he can do disservice to fascinating method of analysis.

Iridology is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful tools we have at our disposal to meet and know others. With this tool we see as through a television screen radiography holistic whole person and without further analysis, X-rays, endoscopies and endless diagnostic methods that invade our body. This is not to say that we are only going to cost, iridology, and that, therefore, despise the other methods of analysis. As stated earlier, we do not need to act soothsayers. We do a holistic history of the person that let us know. The questions the patient and knowledge of other tests which have been made to allow us to understand how a person able to relate, understand or discern, what we see in the iris with all the other information you provide us with the patient.

What is really sad is the rejection that science has suffered this traditional medicine, allopathic. Although iridology, little by little, will we have traveled in the medical world, is generally despised by people of dark narrow mind that can not see more than numbers.

One of the reasons that iridology has been rejected is because the iris gets to the heart of the problem, the cause of all evils, and often do not coincide with the symptomatic diagnosis of allopathic medicine. As once said the mother of one of the largest Seasoned iridologists of this century, Dr. Bernard Jensen: "the closer you are to the truth, you're more alone." This has happened to iridology. Only the most nature lovers, who have tended a broader mind, have been able to discover in it a wonderful method of analyzing the health of people.

We say "analysis" and "diagnosis" we do not want to get into the field of traditional medicine. A iridologist no power in Spain, at least by official bodies for diagnosis of diseases. That job is for allopathic physicians. On the contrary, we are dedicated to "analyze" what we see through the iris, to study, interpret, draw conclusions that allow us to understand what is the origin of evil, why the person shows these symptoms, which suffers shortages the person, etc, etc.

As I said earlier, iridology is still under research and development as many sciences, so it has its limitations. The following will list what we expect from iridology and what we can not expect it. In reviewing this list will note why we say that there is "x", to call it somehow larger, holistic man can ever do.

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