Density and individual constitution of the iris

Iris good density
The study of fiber density of the iris is one of the first observations we made at the time of analyzing the iris. So call the whole density of the quantity and quality of the fibers that look in the iris and its readiness in this.

Therefore, the compactness of the fibers in the iris and its structural form determines its density. When the tissue is compact it is considered that the density is good, but when winding the fibers are separated and have gaps, the density is poor.

Normally the density is usually measured on a scale that can range from 1 to 6, according to some Seasoned iridologists, or 1 to 10 according to others. At these scales the one always corresponds to the ideal and perfect iris where the iris structure is as tightly woven. If we continue at this level until 10 the density becomes more scarce, so that the fibers are opening more and more and more meandering large gaps appearing. The number 10 would be classified as an extremely low density. To understand the significance of this, the density of the iris can compare different fabrics or woods. For example, the density would be a silk, fine fabric but very strong, and oak, very hard wood. But the 10's would consider as sackcloth, very open, or pine.

Understanding and classifying the density is very important because it reflects the vitality of the individual. To understand better what we compare to the materials that build a house. If the house is built with good materials we can say that the house will last many years because even be able to better withstand the weather. Likewise, a person with limited life substance, with weak organic tissues in your body - bad density - have little chance to control the disease will not have much vitality. To overcome diseases need to make a greater effort. So we conclude that the density is a measure of the vitality of the body, shows the muscle tone, the body's resistance power and resilience and regeneration of the structure of muscles and other tissues, indicating the elasticity , speed of response and the ability to react with the different structures of the body.

This does not mean that it has sentenced to death than someone who has a low density. There are people with this density, however, following a proper health regime can live for many years. However, a person having an extraordinarily strong density can live many years, barely any diseases, if not abuse your body. For another example that illustrates what is the density, we say that a Mercedes car should last many more years, logically, that a Seat 600. The reason is that, as in the house, the materials are of higher quality, more resilient, but we have to consider who is the leading cars and how to care for them. Because even the best Mercedes may be short-lived if the owner uses it badly, while, on the contrary, we still see some Seat 600 on the road, a sign that they are well cared for.

Explanation of pictures: Density
In the first picture you can see a better density compared with the second because its fibers are more radial, tight and more quantity. No gaps or weaknesses can be seen innate within the sections that correspond to each organ.

In the second photo shows density to be much worse more frayed iris. Its fibers are not as straight as in the first, are more meandering, and gaps are open and closed, including crypts. Stresses the distension of the intestinal tract and the lack of regularity in the crown of the autonomic nervous system.

The density of our iris is something we are born each one as an inheritance from our parents, so that we can do little to improve it, to care for and preserve it. We would say also that batteries are energy with each birth, our vitality.

The overall density is not representative of all and each of the areas visible in the iris, but it is an average assessment of integrity and inherent strength of our tissues.

Individual constitution and density. Iridology

The density of the iris corresponds to the individual's constitution. Here we will make an important clarification. One thing is the constitution of the iris of which was discussed earlier when we deal with different types of iris, and other matter is the individual creation linked to the density and other marks that appear in the iris. That constitution tells us temperament, a predisposition to illness or other diseases by the color of the iris, mainly, and other marks that appear.

But now we want to analyze the constitution of the individual taking into account the density and the signs appear. To understand the difference between density and individual constitution from this second view other say, that the density is only the amount of fibers in the iris and its distribution by him, while the individual constitution is a concept that is composed of the sum of the density more colors, inflammation, deposits and alterations - whether beneficial or harmful - that appear in these fibers.

Iris so that different people can have the same density, however, that one can barely see signs that stain the iris, while the other may be full of signs and colors. In this second case the constitution of the person is worse and their heritage or lifestyle led him to have a more degenerate state of health. So at first glance we do a rainbow and we can get a pretty good idea of its vitality, quality of fabrics, etc.. besides, it has been inherited or current health and even where it can evolve that person's health. So we look very good density and individual constitution of each person in our explorations of the iris.

Explanation of the three photographs: individual Consitución Iridology
In the first two pictures we see that the individual constitution of the person's iris biliary type is better than the second type of node because its density is better. However, if we were to measure its constitution not by density but by the colors, inflammation, deposits, etc. would be very similar.

However, look at this third iris. It's kind of lymphatic pure. It has the same density as the first, but better than the sengunda photo.

But as we can say that creation is the best of the three pictures because in fact there is virtually stain, weaknesses, gaps, stains toxemic. If you add up the density on remaining signs in which we need to look beyond the other two.

In fact the person of the third iris is now 77 years without major health problems.

The iris of the first 50 years, with some digestive disorder, liver, and the second iris 30 with thyroid and intestinal problems.

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