Diabetes and Homeopathy

Compilation of some homeopathic remedies are used in the homeopathic treatment of diabetes mellitus. Remember that homeopathy does not cure diseases but sick, so that every remedy has its own individual characteristics or specific symptoms that question. So if you want information on a particular remedy click on their name to see details of the pathogenesis of each homeopathic remedy.


1 - (+++) Its main indication is diabetes. "No other remedy as originating in a marked degree of reduction and disappearance of sugar in the urine" (Boericke).

Glycerinum (glycerin)

(+ +) Acting drug is a deep and prolonged, with a strong balancing effect of the general metabolism and regenerative tisural. All of the pathogenesis experimenters felt, after a time, a marked increase general well-being and vigor. Especially useful in diabetes and senile weakness, especially with weight loss.


(+ +) Diabetes in the early stages, with urine copious, clear, containing glucose, intense thirst, dry lips and stick to it, weight loss, restlessness, irritability and melancholy.

Magnesium aceticum
Diabetes mellitus. Liver dysfunction.

Momordica balsamina
Retortijantes pains and cramps in the epigastrium. Gastrocardiaco syndrome. Pancreatopatías.

Acidum Lacticum
Diabetes mellitus. Gastritis. Sweaty feet (no odor).

Rhus aromatica and diversiloba
(+ +) Intense pain at the beginning or before urinating, causing great agony in children. Enuresis. Urinary incontinence, especially in the elderly; constant dripping. Diabetes, with great polyuria with urine of very low density. Pale urine with albumin. Diabetes insipidus. Hematuria; cystitis. In general, dye doses are given, for rather long time.

(+) Diuresis deleted, or frequent and copious urination. Nocturnal incontinence of urine. The urine is cloudy, dark or yellow-green or milky or acrid and corrosive, and is often partially covered by a colored or iridescent film, with a strong odor. Diabetes.

(+) Diabetes. Gout. Premature aging

Eupatorium purpureum
Urine in drops or weak stream, and often with great effort, with ineffectual urging or painful. Urine scanty, frequent, with albumin and mucus, milky. Diabetes insipidus. Diabetes. Arenillas.

Posterior pituitary lobe
(+) Diabetes insipidus (1st to 3rd X X; Voisin). Urinary incontinence in women with uterine fibroids, lost a few drops on rising or evening. Albuminuria. Anuria. Enuresis.

Ferrum mur
(+) Diabetes. Chronic cystitis. Hematuria, urethra or kidney disease.

Crataegus oxyacantha
(+) Diabetes, especially in Boys'. Oliguria with albumin and phosphate excess.

Kalium aceticum
(+) Polyuria intense, ornamental and water. Highly alkaline urine, ammonia or sweetish odor, yellowish. Diabetes.

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