Difference between fasting and starvation

Distinction between starvation and fasting

Fasting is defined as voluntary abstinence from food. During this period the body uses its fat stores and muscle, but not change the structures of vital organs like lungs, heart, brain, nervous system, etc..

Do not confuse fasting with starvation. Starvation would be the period after fasting, when this is prolonged abnormally. If the body depletes its reserves then it will begin to consume the aforementioned vital organs leading to death. Although as we shall see fasting is a "therapy" very beneficial to health, would prolong or do stupid irresponsible since it can lead to starvation.

As explained below there are simple ways to know when to stop fast to escape the starvation of these is to know the so-called security weights which will not be exceeded and not otherwise experience a weight loss of more than 30% of initial weight. So fasting is passed to starvation.

Distinction between the end of fasting and the beginning of the starvation

One of the clearest signs that a fast should be completed is the reappearance of hunger. During fasting, hunger disappears, but when it comes to an end and achieves its objectives purifying hunger reappears. A healthy body will ask for food before reaching starvation. Remember that the body is very smart and always look for survival, so that will warn when the danger starts.

A person may still have to fast enough body reserves to continue fasting, but hunger reappears reduce fasting is preferable, and then stop.

Other signs that distinguish the fast of starvation

In addition to the reappearance of hunger there are other indications which point it should be left to fast so as not to starvation. Among these we mention:

  •     Tongue clean
  •     Pleasant breath
  •     Body temperature near normal
  •     Pulse almost normal

By contrast, during starvation these signs are present differently. The language remains charged, the breath is fetid and the temperature and the pulse is abnormally low.

The real benefit is the fast, but shows the signs of starvation so that no one ever gets it. When it comes to starvation, metabolism if it was previously reduced by fasting, and is further reduced pathological symptoms appear because of that vital organs stop functioning properly.

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