Kidney Disease. Symptoms

Symptoms of kidney disease

Kidneys are two glands that work as filters and by means of these, various toxic substances and waste from the body are normally eliminated with the urine. A very important cleansing function is carried out by these and when, for some reason, the renal filter does not work normally the whole body is affected because of the accumulation of badly eliminated toxic substances. 

Symptoms that alert us to renal diseases

Symptoms that can warn us or make us alert to a possible claudication of the renal functions are:

  • Urinating less often.
  • Cloudy or foamy urine.
  • Edema ( swelling of the ankles in the daytime ).
  • Very clear urine, like water etc 

In all these cases an analysis should be made to see whether there is a kidney infection so that treatment can be carried out as soon as possible. 

We should pay attention to two symptoms that can slip us by in many instances. One is the excessive quantity of urine ( 3 or 4 liters per day ), that could be an indication of diabetes ( found out by means of relevent tests ). The other symptom is very watery urine, too clear or lacking colour, that can indicate the degeneration of the kidneys, if it is not due to the consumption of great quantities of liquid. In cases of doubt we should consult our Doctor who will carry out the tests needed. 

Let's not forget that the kidneys are a cleansing blood filter for the whole body and any alteration of the aforementioned organs can lead to serious mishaps if it is not discovered and treated on time. 

When any alteration in the kidneys are found, the person should always consult a medical professional to avoid it getting worse . 

Negative influences on the kidneys

It has been proven time after time that white sugar is an enemy of the kidneys, this can be substituted for fructose, raisins, figs, dates or ripe bannanas. Refined salt should be eliminated completely. Another negative influence can be the toxins left in the body from the bacteria of an infectious disease. If diseases like measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, quinsy or tonsillitis take place, and they are not treated in the right way, they can affect the kidneys as a consequence. It has been proven that toxins such as lead affect the kidneys in a special way. In addition to all this it can be counter-productive for the kidneys to drink very cold water quickly in the hot summer. It's better to drink slowly, taking little sips. 

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