Eat onions and quiet breathing

The onion is a plant of the lily family, from the West Asia and its cultivation has spread across Europe, as is widespread in all homes and used on countless occasions.

However, despite their interesting medicinal properties and condimentarias, its use is restricted by the strong smell because the peel off and cause tear secretion. This is because it contains volatile oil, whose main component is organic sulfur compounds, which, like the sulfonamides possess strong antibiotic action, resulting in an effective way to combat infectious diseases.

The interesting properties of fresh onions are lost in large part to cook, hence the interest in eating it raw (with consequent problems for some), or to find an equivalent that does not have these drawbacks such as onion capsules .

The onion is a powerful stimulant of gastric secretion, increased production of intestinal juice, exterminating parasites (worms) and stimulating the development of normal and controlling colibacteria any other abnormal fermentation (putrefaction). At the same time stimulates other secretions such as the liver, gallbladder and pancreas, which are also related to the digestive function. This is because their components stimulate the production of the hormone secretin in the pancreas, which affects not only its proper application, but for the other glands, but also the onion itself also contains enzymes and plant hormones ( secretin), one of which, the glucoquinine, seems to be acting on sugar metabolism similar to that of insulin from the pancreas, ie lowering the high blood sugar (diabetes).

Another interesting effect of onion is its diuretic action directly related to circulatory diseases and kidney, containing also, as has been demonstrated in animal substances stimulating effects on the heart. Also, sulfociánicos contain compounds that act as factors that lower blood pressure (antihypertensives), has beneficial effects on atherosclerosis patients.

Their action on the airways is well known by all, proving beneficial for catarrhal affections of the respiratory tract, for his ethereal oil is filtered through the lungs, avoiding the congestion of vessels and small bronchioles, facilitating expectoration and calming cough and throat irritation. It is for this property in respiratory diseases is useful to prepare a syrup base thinly sliced onion with a couple tablespoons of honey on top. After several hours the resulting juice can take to ease cough and expectoration improve. This syrup is very useful for children.

Moreover, authors such as Drs. Bing and attach to the onion Lipp soothing effects on the nervous and mental excitement, and is widely recognized ability of onion to the renewal of blood and its beneficial effect on digestion, so often used in cases of anemia, especially if prolonged may be due to disturbances in normal intestinal function. This is partly explained by its high content of natural vitamins and minerals.

For its fluorine content (according Mayerhofer, Schneider and Wasicky, 0.5 mg. Per kilo of fresh onion), has a beneficial influence on the thyroid gland, controlling the excessive function, and the enamel on his conservative action same.

Visit onion soup recipes and enjoy eating a variety of ways, and remember to eat onions and quiet breathing.

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