Endometriosis and Cancer

Similarities between cancer and endometriosis

Although endometriosis affects one in seven women around the world, not much is known about the disease.

Endometriosis occurs when the tissue is generally in the uterus takes place elsewhere in the body. The cause of endometriosis is unknown, but researchers have several theories.

Similarities between endometriosis and cancer

Endometriosis is often compared to cancer, since both are characterized by the invasion and cell growth. Other similarities between the two diseases are the development of new blood vessels and decrease in the number of cells undergoing apoptosis. Doctors have debated since 1925, I researched the idea of ​​whether endometriosis can be transformed into cancer but without reaching a conclusion.

Recent research has found a possible link between endometriosis and cancer. Found that women suffering from endometriosis are more susceptible to some forms of cancer, including ovarian, endocrine system, brain and breast cancer. Although doctors agree that this risk exists, further research is still required, since no conclusive proof has been found so far.

Studies so far suggest that the risk of cancer for women with endometriosis is only slightly above average. Also, women who had a hysterectomy before or at the time of diagnosis of endometriosis showed no increased risk of cancer.

The main difference between endometriosis and cancer, of course, is that endometriosis is not fatal, while the other kills cancer as we know on many occasions. Endometriosis itself can be very painful, and may be associated with other conditions such as pelvic problems, but not cancer. Endometriosis can be treated to relieve pain with natural treatments, laparoscopic surgery, and / or hormonal treatments.

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