Erythema nodosum, multiforme - Symptoms and Causes


Erythema is defined as redness of the skin due to the increased content of arterial blood within the blood vessels (dilated capillaries of the skin).

The rash may be confined to a specific area or widespread, uniform or stains.

Causes of erythema

Erythema occurs in local inflammatory processes such as boils, boils, etc.., In the first-degree burns, prolonged exposure to the sun, by artificial irradiation, local mechanical injury (scratches, scratching, etc..).

Another cause of erythema is internal causes such as high fever, infectious diseases, etc..).
And the inner emotions such as shame, embarrassment, anger, etc.. may cause a skin redness or erythema.

Types erythema


Is redness of the skin due to long exposure to sunlight. The body areas that are most affected are those who are always exposed to the sun (face, neck, Manaus).

Although there seems to be some willingness to make women more sensitive than men to sunburn, there is also an individual predisposition, why some people acquire sunburn and others despite being subject to the same solar conditional. This bias may be related to constitutional genetic factors (different amount of skin pigment) or the circumstances of life (work outdoors against indoor work).

Erythema nodosum

It is a skin disease whose main characteristic is the appearance of nodules dermoepidermic characteristic round or ovoid, of various sizes, ranging from the size of a pea to a cherry, even the size of a walnut. Are red-blue.

These nodules are painful on palpation and are pasty. More or less protruding from the plane of the skin.

The eruption of nodules is preceded by fever, malaise, rheumatism live and evolve in the space of a few weeks when dermoepidermal infiltration that led to the node is resorbed slowly disappearing node itself.

Erythema nodosum occurs more in the winter and spring months mainly affecting young adolescendes, and more female.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Skin condition characterized by the appearance of some stains bright red erythematous or red wine, being very small initially, grow rapidly to a diameter of 2-3 cm. or more.

These red spots, usually elevated above the level of the skin develop some blisters around.

After some days, the center of the spot of erythema sinks and becomes red-violet, and instead the surrounding border remains high. So called erythema annular or ring.

In this type of erythema Symptoms include burning and itching of varying intensity and is slightly painful to the touch. It usually appears more or less high fever, muscle and joint pains and lasts for 2-6 weeks.

Location of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

The main locations in the anterior of the leg, the back of the feet and hands, knees, neck, etc.. The arrangement is generally symmetrical.

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