Exciting plants

Medicinal plants exciting

Exciting plants are those that stimulate the activity of the organs, accelerating their action or function. Plants are exciting plant tonic differences in the latter only sing and augment the body's energy.

Medicinal plants containing exciting principles are:

  • Arnica (Arnica montana L.). Plant known for its properties to relieve trauma, contusions, bruises, etc..
  • Cardamom (Elettaria cardomumum). They use their fruits and their seeds. This plant has properties stomach, exciting and carminative.
  • Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis). Extract the trunk balm indicated copayero hemorrhoids, fevers, constipation, etc..
  • (Liquidambar orientalis). It uses the bark of this plant. Used for respiratory colds, and external use on sores saniosas.
  • Snakeroot (Aristolochia Serpentaria). You use the root of this plant. This plant stimulating or exciting the appetite and aids digestion. It has been used in North America as an excellent remedy against snake bites.
  • Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare L.). Flowering tops are used in infusion for fevers, amenorrhea, gastrointestinal atony, etc..
  • Veronica (Veronica officinalis L.). Another herb with exciting properties is Veronica. Infusion used against pulmonary catarrh, bronchitis, kidney stones, general weakness and difficult digestion.

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