Exercise and Triglycerides

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We can draw as we want, but the conclusion is "moving." Exercising muscle tissue is improving after another in this case is the fat. As if they keep a pulse body to see who gets the nutrients. Whoever has the easier the adipose, the end of the day, being an energy storage tissue is always open to be eligible. In the case of muscle is not easy, since only under certain conditions may become optimal.

Those conditions, summing up much, will be: to feed on the stored triglycerides through your workout into "fasting" and "exercising" so they know they are there to move and do not become lazy.

A readily available energy is coming from the muscle itself (glycogen storage) and blood glucose. Whenever you work out with higher levels, this will be the chosen font. It is a fast and explosive energy but opposed to the ends relatively quickly.

Those who would give us sustained energy and long term would be appointed triglycerides. But to use it is necessary that no amount of glucose in the blood of a recent intake, since the source is then chosen (it is easier, that will bother).

The fact exercising recent intake makes this glucose is consumed and to develop muscle fibers of a type that does not need mitochondria (oxidative part of the cell).

If you exercise on an empty stomach (or at least 4 hours after the last intake) causes the fuel triglycerides are chosen and further developed another type of fibers (oxidative) loaded mitochondria.

Benefits of exercise
- Improvement and reduction of fat (triglycerides) and mainly the abdominal stored which is dangerous.

- Among more oxidative muscle fibers, and have more mitochondria is to have more "energy" as they are the factories. We will have greater aerobic capacity (and this can also be seen with lactate testing, ability to metabolize and break down metabolites).

- It improves blood circulation and therefore, acidification and transport of substances.

In any case, whatever the case, put a little sport in your life and your mitochondria will thank you (and your body health and more).

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