Face masks with clay

Clay mask

Usual clay has been used as a substance for skin care. Let's see how we can use it as a mask for face care.

Among the many properties that have clay in internal and external use, skin is an organ that benefit most from the clay. The clay helps to close pores, tone skin and preserve its natural balance.

The virgin clay is very active, but can also be mixed with other natural ingredients, which makes it a very effective cleansing masks. You can even mix their own cosmetics and even soap with clay.

Benefits of homemade clay mask

In applying the clay on the face accelerates the oxidation and circulation, defense functions are activated and slightly raises the temperature of the skin. So the clay acts as a light massage, as well as balanced and revitalized.

How to make a homemade mask with clay

You have to make a paste with half a glass of water, half a cucumber, tomato or grape juice and powdered clay. Once the poultice is applied to the face a thin, even layer. It can be applied anywhere on the body where there is excess fat or skin disorders.

It should be moist dough as possible to provide flexibility to the skin without feeling tightness. Then allowed to dry and clean.

Cosmetic cream for the face with clay

You can make a smoother cosmetic cream mixing clay with olive oil spray. Can also be made with virgin olive oil and sweet almond oil.

Clay spots or pimples

Clay is a powerful tool we have to treat pimples, spots or impurities in the face. Apply a thick layer at night on pimples or wrinkles and leave until morning.

Clay for irritated skin

If the skin is irritated, it is very delicate grain or wash with clay water, without soap, and then rub the inside of a lemon peel.

Clay for the bags under the eyes

The eye bags can greatly improve or even disappear with applications of clay and a complementary treatment for the heart or kidneys if they are related.

Other uses of clay in the daily hygiene

Clay shampoo

The clay is excellent for washing the hair regularly because it has a natural acid pH similar to the skin. Primarily recommended for oily hair. You just have to make a paste with water and apply clear as shampoo. Is allowed to react for half an hour at least, and then rinsed.

Clay toothpaste

One of the best natural toothpastes is clay alone or mixed with sea salt (Himalayan Salt better). As the clay has great power of absorption is not abrasive, he lifts the film mate naturally removes bad breath and acts as a stimulant to the gums.

Soaps clay

Clay mixed with honey and olive oil soap is very effective. Removes ingrained dirt, acts as a natural deodorant and balances the skin. Honey and olive oil provide their qualities to soften and soothe, for skin care naturally.

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