Fasting causes our energy to focus on eliminating

The fast elimination active

Fasts can be practiced in different ways and with different results. If we want is a feedback to the greatest possible degree of our health is clear that fasting for a day or two does little.

It is beneficial but will never be the solution. To find the total recovery from chronic illness, as we will see that discuss clinical cases, it takes longer and sometimes more than one session of fasting.

People have been eating all along his life, entering the water fasting overnight may be counterproductive. It can be done, but scavenging reactions or purification can be so strong and so poorly understood by the practitioner of the fast that if the advice of a professional will give up easily in the attempt.

The most practical and easy to assume is that Désiré Merien explains in his book "Fasting and Health. The gentle method of stages ". The whole theory of the series of articles that we are dealing with fasting is based on this method. However, the clinical cases discussed below are based on the experiences recounted in Dr. Bernard Jensen in his book "Science and Practice of Iridology" during his practice of natural medicine for decades at his ranch in California .

Although it appears that Dr. Jensen to recommend fasting to their patients was "faster", however, being in a clinic under the supervision of professionals in the results were spectacular as appropriate and will relate.

So we recommend to all who wish to start in the practice of fasting to first read the book and Désiré Merien follow their method. Why is the method of steps food? Simply because it is the safest.

The power function relationship and nutrition

In his book Dériré Merien, the first thing that helps us to understand is the balance we all need to know relationship between the function and role of nutrition. Summarizing say that the function relationship is anything that relates to our external life (senses, muscles, thoughts). Moreover, the role of nutrition encompasses the various sections and functions involved in the life of the organism without them relate to conscious life. For example, no one is aware of the chemical mechanisms involved in digestion there, or how it is recorded in our memory what they have learned or how vision occurs in our brain.

Well, here's one of the first important points to understand how the body and its relationship with fasting: When the body has sufficient vital energy, relationship functions and ensure the best possible nutrition your various needs. But if our body is sick (toxemic) then we, our conscious will, you can remove part of the energy used in relational life for our nutritional life, among them the delete function, be more active.

A practical example to understand

If I have flu, I asked my own body to stop eating, so that all the energy that my body is using it to recover. I removed the muscle forces can not feel like talking, or see anyone. I just wish to lie in bed and recover. This makes the body because it wants to force us to rest. It takes away power function relationship and moved to the role of nutrition (removal in this case). We have no strength for anything, yet, maybe we have a fever, cough started abundant mucus, are diarrhea, cough, etc.. That is all the energy we used to work before, talk, move or read, now used to produce a fever, or remove abundant mucus.

This example illustrates that our body makes to heal. For this very reason we can do WE VOLUNTARILY WITH THE FAST. This is the key to fast. We voluntarily induce the body's energy function relationship moves to the role of nutrition (elimination). To stop taking food also consume energy we stop using our bodies to digest these and burn them. Now that extra energy will focus on something that our body is always doing, detoxify, and initiated a process by which the energy force that normally functions used for our relationship with the outside focus only on the deletion.

It is for this reason that when we started fasting are the forces and takes away the hunger, not that we are sick about this is that our energy is transferred to serve another function: DELETE, detoxify, and will do so with an intensity than the other way was not able to perform. Our body is always removed for drying out, but must have enough energy for many functions.

Many healthy people have a perfect balance between these two functions and removed conveniently. However, other people have this same capacity and the body builds up and builds up toxins (disease). In these cases where fasting is excellent as a therapy because we will allow for a time that all the energy our body uses to use: DELETE, detoxify.

The question now is: What is the best way to carry this out safely and that leads to healing? The Method of Stages Food

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